Ideas for the CFL and the CFL store to make more money

This has been something that I’ve been contemplating for along time and have somewhat suggested some of this before.

I give props to the store for jerseys hats and jackets. Those are pretty much a staple for any pro leagues website store. However, I am a very big advicate of making the pro style version of CFL jerseys available to the public. They are a thicker and heavier material with logos actual patches and not silk screaned on. I wouldn’t have no problem myself paying the extra money for one. Through looking at individual teams stores I came across that option on the Winnipeg site. If the Bombers can sell them why can’t the CFL of other teams do it? To go farther, the Bombers actually sell the Rona and CanadInns patches as options as well. Here in Edmonton, the only way you get one of those jerseys (game worn) is at the locker room sale and they go very, very fast! The problem is, if you want one with a number of your choice and your own name you have to settle for a replica style.

Just to close off on this one subject, make the advertisement patches available as well (ie the Rona patch, Scotiabank patch, molson patch, ect. for whatever patches your team uses)I’d have no problem advertising Rona or Scotiabank on a Lions Jersey.

I would also like to see a larger selection of CFL merchandise such as cards, posters, mini grey cups with team logos and year of championship on them, books, balls and most of all videos and a video game. By the way why did they never sell those “CFL traditions” videos in a box set?

Last of all, I would like to see the CFL follow the NFL with their facts, figures and record book. The only thing the CFL has got on the NFL when it comes to this book is the players individual stats. The NFL book doesn’t have that but they have everything else. With out going in to too much details the NFL book is awsome (if you’ve seen the two different books you know what I’m talking about).

Anyways that’s my two cents. Anyone got any ideas I want to read them. If you agree with me, e-mail the CFL. I’ve e-mailed both the CFL and the store which is owned by Jersey City.