Ideas for new CFL rules

The clock rules and other procedural rules change after the three minute warning.

For example, the team scored against following a field goal must accept a kickoff as opposed to the option to scrimmage from the 35 after the warning in the 4th quarter.

Also, time count violations in the last 3 minutes of either half result in a loss of down on 1st and 2nd down as opposed to the usual 5 yard penalty.

In a general effort to simplify the game and make it more accessible, I’d advocate having uniform clock rules for the whole game. What the 3 minute warning serves to do presently is pack as many plays into the later part of the half to contrive the “no lead is safe” scenario the CFL loves to sell on. I’d suggest looking at what the average play count is for a CFL game with a data set of a number of recent years and then structure the play clock to achieve the same number of plays over the course of the game without changing the rules at the 3:00 mark of the 2nd and 4th quarters.

Today, the game clock runs continuously for the 54 minutes of the game not conducted after the 3 minute warnings. It stops only for scores, change of possession, incomplete passes, dead balls possessed or directed into touch, penalties, timeouts or to set the ball and allow for substitutions on 3rd down. During normal play the game clock runs with the play clock on every play irrespective of how the previous play ended. The exception is on the kickoff where the game clock dosen’t start until touched after the kick.

After the warning, the game clock stops after every play and doesn’t start until the snap for the cases listed above. In effect this jams more plays into the last 3 minutes.

How about we just take the 60 minutes and divide by the average number of plays in a game. Use this metric to set a new play clock perhaps 30 seconds. Have this play clock commence at the end of the previous play with the game clock running continuously with the exception of the regular score, incomplete pass, run out of bounds etc.

This way we would have the same average number of plays. We would have the same ability to maintain “no lead is safe”. We would just have to get used to the plays being more evenly spread out over the game and for more urgency at the 4 minute mark as opposed to the 2:30 mark.

I really dont see any CFL rules need to be changed. 1st the 30 second play clock rule for wat reason. 20 second play clock after the placement of the ball works just as well.

2nd. Field dimensions. Really?
Width and 20 yard endzones are wat make the CFL the CFL.
15 yard endzones makes zero sense.
Thats an MLSE problem!
Tell them to spend some of their zillion dollars to get the stadium up to the rules.
Ridiculous. 18 yard endzones. So the rest of league has to conform to there lack of interest in the ARGOS. ROGERS!
Go poop in ur hat.

50 yard field? Well that would make it more aesthetically looking for US football fans. I love the 55 yard line. But I could understand from that perspective.
But I still vote no!
Seems like this is a 2.0 issue to me. To fit stadiums in leagues from Sri Lanka. Lol

My rule change is require any review to be done within 30 seconds whether under the CFL oversight or under a coaches challenge . If its not obvious let it stand .

Just came back from watching the 67’s hockey at TD Place . The difference in pace and action is night and day compared to the football game . They did have one long delay for a review much like the CFL does ; it was for a goal with no obvious infraction .

The difference in delays however and lull in action is very evident .

In football with 11 minutes of action in a three hours and 10 minute games compared to 60 minutes of action in 2hours and twenty minutes of games you can see a possible problem .

I say the rules are fine in the CFL just cut out the delays and TV time outs .

Spilt the screen either side to side or upper and lower but make the game a quick a pace as you can possibly can and still derive good advertising revenue is what I would suggest as my number one change .

A game well played without a lot of penalties is so much easier to watch as well .

Pace of the game is so important .

Yes. The challenge and review process certainly needs an overhaul.
Since the inception of the video review and challenge all sports keep making changes but they are going in the wrong direction and making slower.
I say ya but the Head Game referee in the booth at the stadium. Where he can get a sky view of the entire field and players.
& asst Ref on the field.
With both having constant contact via headsets during the game. If head referee sees a clear missed call with the overview of the field in live real time action. He signals immediately to the asst ref on the field. And flag is immediately thrown.
Thats a start at least.
This whole command central crap in Toronto is ridicoulous!

I think when people suggest removing the 3-minute warning it’s more about the time clock rules after the warning break. Doing so, however, would likely result in fewer plays per game, which is not the desired result.

We need to pack as many plays as we have now into a shorter time frame. Reducing reviews and TV timeouts is likely the only way to accomplish that. Can the league and TSN convince their advertisers to pay as much for split-screen ads? It might be a tough sell. On the positive side of that sales job though, is A. that overall viewers might increase and B. that fewer people who are already watching the game would channel surf during ads as they now do because commercial breaks are so long.

I PVR at least the first hour of each game now. It works out well and cuts the time spent watching each game to about 2 hours.

Understandable. And that means you're able to skip over all those ads, which would be somewhat more difficult with split-screen ads squeezed in between plays.

Another positive of such ads would be less chatter from the PBP and colour guys currently used to fill in the down time between plays. Maybe fewer posters here would be as irritated with Black, Ford, Suitor, et al. if that were the case. :smiley:

Adverisers may gain a little more “bang for their buck” with that approach considering most people do the PVR thing. Run a 10 second ad as teams are in the huddle especially in that final three mins. I’m sure Dodge or Nissan could run some good marketing and add to that suspense of the drive.

The league doesn’t need new rules to increase offense or prevent the game from becoming stagnant. It tries this every year and all it has resulted in is lower interest where the current form of Canadian football no longer resembles its original iteration.

What the league needs is a new ownership model where would-be owners really buy into the league rather than a single entity. It would help find owners in BC and Montreal. But this is not all.

A pair of traveling teams would really revitalize interest in the league. We have all these great stadiums across the league–why not take advantage of them. To pull it off though the league would need to play the same amount of games but with more teams. That would mean a lesser share of revenues from existing teams even though, for marketing and sales purposes, they’re still technically the “home team” for all ten home dates, though traveling teams might get the revenue from two of them. But having a stake in the league, rather than a single team, would get around this.

the league started with revenue sharing with the Grey Cup last year. They signed a new TV contract with TSN where they will act as a single entity/partnership to maximize revenue. So it is a start to what you were saying.

as a side note also signed a new TV deal with ESPN for more money and signed a TV deal with Mexico. wonder how much more $ all that adds up to per team

Traveling teams?

You think that fans in Regina, for example, would turn out to watch a game between two teams with no “home city”? Or that TV viewers would watch?

lol , yup I can just see it now . Hey fans be sure to tune in next Friday when the Travelling Hobos take on the Travelling Nomads on TSN Friday night Football live from Mosaic Stadium .

They could even have their own Labour Day rivalry classic… ;DHosted every year in a different city . :-\ ::slight_smile:

Because the clock rules change in the last 3 minutes. I'd suggest the CFL set one set of clock rules for the whole 60 minutes that achieve the same number of plays on average. This would probably result in a 30 second play clock from the previous play. As it stands 30 to 35 seconds elapse between each play with the 20 second play clock except for under the 3 minute warning.

The end result would probably go largely unnoticed which is good. The clock rules would be simpler making the game a notch more accessible.

Rugby Union?

It’s actually funny enough that it could work…for a season or two until the novelty wore off.

Why not an entire league?

The Hobos
The Nomads
The Vagabonds
The Drifters
The Travellers
The Swagmen
The Wanderers
The Ramblers

They could save money by all taking the same bus and sharing uniforms :smiley:

And let’s not forget about the most famous travelling team of all… 8) ;D

I loved Vol. 1. My ex gave me that for my birthday. :slight_smile:

Hmm. I could see the merits in making changes to the 3 minute warning.
The first half adapting the NCAA rule of a no minute warning.
& the 2nd half adapt the NFL rule of a 2 minute warning.
But also if that is done it affects other rules such as Time outs. The answer to that idk.
I do know that the the 3 minute warning the change in game clock rules do change making the last 3 minutes in each half at times seem like an eternity.
I know know that the long time 1 time out per half in the CFL has been changed to 2 time outs has changed. Confusing to fans that must use a time out before 3 minute warning. Lose a challege lose a time out.

Take a page from NBA to have a portion of the time outs to 30 second time outs opposed to a full time out.

Im just confused talking about it. Lol

As for TV Time outs they arent going anywhere. Too much money across the board of all sports in made by TV contracts. Who receive $$$ for sponsors.

I do truly beleive as someone has mentioned in this thread is the split screen time outs and not leaving TV eyes off the game to channel surf.
Now that would benefit TV & its spinsors.

The one thing the AAF brought to life is this concept.
Too bad no one was really watching lol

Here is an idea that I came up on my own which could help in all the gaggle of reasons discussed with minute warnings each half.
Each team gets one clock stoppage time out per half.
No comnercial break. No 30 second or minutes.
It simply give a team one time out to stop the clock per half. For watever reason needed.
ALOT of times teams save time outs for the main reason of just stopping the clock.
But it still involves the QB trotting to the sidelines to talk to coach.
Ensuing Commercial.
To add that. On top of the spike to stop the clock.
A long pass play the clock rund out. & we miss out on the most exciting moment in all sports. That chance for a team to win on the final play of the game & the defense making a stop to prevent it.
And we dont have to sit and wait for a few minutes. We dont have to wait thru a commercial.
It happens lickity split.