Ideas for new CFL rules

Have some of you been watching this year.
How exciting with the year of the return.
No need to change any rules.
This is the most enterting sport around.

year of return
so whats wrong with making punting side cover each punt and just pungt ball out of bounds inside 20 yd line ?
more returns in 'year of the return' ?

After watching the Grey Cup game with less penalties you see a CFL game wth a much quicker pace .

5 penalties the whole game and the game moved along much better .

The discipline on the line was great .

If they can make this a habit the quality of the game for the viewer is enhanced .

They also had a few ads later in the game that just filled the bottom of the screen .
Need more of these with less TV time outs to quicken the pace even more .

I think keep the game the same bring in quality refereeing and make sure the players are well disciplined that don’t take the silly penalties like offside and illegal movement a habit which creeps into the game and stalls the action .

For me a viewer who was actually happy for both teams being in the game ;I enjoyed the game even though it was one sided a bit because of the pace and passion/emotion displayed .

Clean up the booth personalities a bit with the silly Urban interview and tone down the NFL references and let the game be played with less distractions is key . The game was not a thriller but for me I enjoyed the game for it’s purity despite the Cats inability to claw back into the game far enough to make it closer . I never once was tempted to turn the channel .

CFL needs to carefully analyze the videos of the game to determine whether the players were more disciplined or the refs showed more discretion … to reinforce the former CFL should have refs on-site at CFL training camps for two intra-squad games each calling the penalties to set the tone early … if there was any more discretion, the CFL must prepare videos and commentary for all the refs and finish with a test that will allow each ref to k now whether they are on the same page as the CFL.

Good point .

This game would be a good measuring tool to see if it was the players or better refereeing .

What has the NFL to do with this. May I suggest we play touch football then. Perhaps even have qb s wear those air filled sumo suits. It’s football! Yes people get tackled.

The number of penalties assessed during a game depends entirely on the players. They don’t break the rules, they don’t get flagged.

Lack of discipline, particularly early in the season, is a major factor. Offside, UR & OCare usually preventable.

The other factoris when players are getting beat, they get desperate and figure it’s worth a shot to hold a rusher or interfere with a receiver…it’s a two acre field and there’s only seven officials…they’re not going to catch everything.

True ... and likely the largest factor ... but like any sport CFL refs seem to have varying tolerance levels for how "severe" the behaviour must be to trigger a call ... for example, sometimes an OL grabbing the sweater of a DL gets flagged and other times they can do the exact same thing and get away with it ... the inconsistency makes it difficult for players to know "where the line is".

Players are only part of the equation, the officials feel for the game is just as much of a factor as player discipline. If the players are undisciplined any good official will fill the air with flags, but an officials feel for the game can make a huge difference in how two different officials call a game.

This refers strictly to judgement calls, offside and illegal motion are pretty cut and dry calls. PI, illegal contact on a receiver, holding on the O line and RTP which doesn’t include head contact are open to a lot of judgement.

With regard to your example, there’s “holding” on every play…but it’s not necessarily a holding penalty…ergo the confusion.

The rulebook is quite clear on what is and what is not a holding penalty. For a hold to be flagged it must involve a “grasp or encircling” of an opponent, and, most importantly, it must take place close to the “point of attack”…meaning the ball. In other words, the hold must make a difference to the play…it must prevent a defender from having a reasonable chance to make the tackle. So, if there’s a OL tackling a DT on the right side of the line and the ball is sweeping around the left side, no penalty…there’s no chance that DT has a chance to make the tackle. Now, if the take down is violent, the OL still can be flagged for UR…that can happen anywhere, anytime.

I’m usually an umpire when on the field and I get complaints from D line guys on pretty much every play. I try and explain the difference if I have a chance but it rarely gets through to the player or their coaches. That doesn’t bother me too much as I am the one who knows the rule book inside and out…they don’t. Nor would I expect them to. As well, it’s a bit of a release valve…as long as its within reason, it’s fine. It’s the officials job to allow the players to outlet their frustrations from play to play in a reasonable manner. Football is a violent and emotional game and more so as you get to elite levels of the game…there’s always a game within the game that’s fascinating to watch as an official.

Finally, what you might call “inconsistency”, I would describe as a “judgement call”. Ultimately, the official on the field has to decide what hold, or interferenceon a pass is worthy of a penalty and what is not…that’s the"let them play" philosophy that all officials have.

Fans, players and coaches are free to disagree of course (the other team always agrees of course) but they are calls that need to be made. As to players not knowing where the line is, I’d argue as a former CIS player there the guys know damn well when they’re crossing the line most times…but most are willing to chance it if they’re getting beat…they’re coached to get away with anything they can.

Thanks for the explanation ... I just chose holding as an example ... I have tremendous respect for how difficult the job is for all the on-field officials ... judgement/discretion/"let them play" is very much an important part of officiating ... but have too often seen DLs tackled as a QB danced away from them, or receivers "selling" PI and getting a call, etc. to not feel that inconsistencies cannot impact both games and how a player executes on the field.

Not do much new rules but clarifying and needed modification

1 - PI away from the play and on very clear non catchable throws. This should not be a free gifted first down. It should be changed to be penalty yardage applied but no change in downs. Reason - the search for the challenge should not be a game within the game.

2 - tighter restrictions around when a game can be called due to weather or other events and a required reasonable difference in score at any point in order to award a win. For me anything before the start of the 4th should require a continuation either later or another day and in the 4th it should require a minimum 15 point lead by a team before an automatic declaring of the completion of an early game - otherwise require it to be continued that day or a later date. If the 2 teams do not meet again and they can not continue within 6 hours of the start of the delay, and less than 15 points separate them … declared a tie and both teams awarded 1 point.

Fully agree with point one. I'm not a big advocate for the Pass Interference challenge unless the challenge is directly at the reciever the ball is thrown to.

In the event of point two I agree that a game with a quarter and a half to go should not be called. I also respect that player safety might come into play with an extended delay. One idea I read on here and liked would be a mini game before the start of the next game for any score differential 8 points or less. The team who is down would get first crack at making up the point differential. If they do, OT rules kick in. If the don't, the other team is rewarded the W.

Another rule change I would like to see is moving the trade deadline to Labour Day instead of second week in October. I’m not a fan of “rental players” where teams who by that point already know they are out being able to offload players to contending teams.

On the other hand ... relatively few players change teams now when non-playoff teams can look to harvest assets for pending UFAs ... it might well be none if teams all still had a theoretical chance at the playoffs

True .

I always liked the Butch Goring effect .

I do agree with rule 1 change. It should be treated as a holding, illegal contact, or something along that lines with a yardage penalty along those lines 5 or 10 yards.
If players are aloud to do such things. It could quickly evolve into an unnecessary roughness call. Which of course comes with its own penalty rule in place.

I think it is worth trying in the pre-season. Then let us talk about it after.
Also shave the width to 60 yds and move the hash marks in line with the goal posts. We need to see if that makes any difference in the play. I doubt it will but the field configuration starts to fit far more stadiums and solves 2 problems in the CFL.

Also would like to try to remove the 3 minute warning in the first half. I would like to see if the game is shortened and by how much. I doubt if we see any difference in the game. Could offset with 2 timeouts per half if needed to maintain any drama in the last few minutes.

So a more NFL-ish field ... don't think either are a "problem" for the vast majority of fans

The purpose of the 3 minute warning has really become just a guaranteed timeout for commercials ... as such, it is not gaping g anywhere.