Ideas for new CFL rules

Only thing I can say is I Thank God most of you guys aren’t on the rules committee. lol

Nicely summed up.

yeah, but it is too bad I am not :slight_smile:

Totally with you there.

a torontanian and an albertan agree on the same thing … hell has officially frozen over …

If both rules were adopted, a long bomb from beyond centre that goes through the uprights would be a 17pt play. 18pts if there is also a 2pt convert involved (assuming the 10pt TD includes a 1pt. convert). That seems a tad over-the-top :wink:

Except on a Tuesday…

Why does this scene come to mind?

not football, but fizbin …

I agree on the rule about punts landing in bounds. All punts should have to be playable. I would like to suggest a few amendments to current riles however.
1.) I would like to suggest though that a “conceded” safety be worth 3 points instead of 2. Any safety where the player takes a knee or runs out of bounds voluntarily become 3 points. If the player is tackled while attempting to get out of the end-zone, it would still only be worth 2 points. This would definitely create more kicks out of the endzone, more chances for a return.
2.) On any field goal that is wide and have a single point scored would give the team scored upon the choice of receiving a kick-off, or getting possession of the ball at their choice of any return taken out of the end-zone or either the 35 yard line or the point where the failed kick was kicked from (i.e. a long filed goal scrimmaged at the 45 and kicked from the 52, could have the ball spotted at the 52). If the return is attempted, however, they must take the ball at the point of the end of the
3.) Eliminate the coin toss. The home team would always be deemed to have won the toss and have the same choices as today. The only game where there would be an actual coin toss would be the Grey-Cup game. This would give a true home team advantage but would be completely fair as all teams would “win” the same number of tosses during the regular season. It would also give more importance and reward for getting a home play-off game.

Doesn’t make us look bush because it happens in the NFL as well, but I do agree with you; throw the ball deliberately out of bounds that’s intentional grounding.

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world despite having more ties (or draws) in one season in one league than both the CFL and NFL combined do in 20 years, yet the sport is still popular.

Just because the Americans do it doesn’t mean that it isn’t bush league. If the quarterback throws the ball into the stands, is that really what the game is about?

That’s why I have always felt it should be a penalty. If it crosses the LoS and stays in bounds then it’s incomplete.

I know I will get slaughtered for this, however…

Reduce the field to 100 yards between the goal lines and 15 yard end zones. Keep the width as is. This will allow tighter (and less expensive) stadium configurations and the 10 yards between the goal lines won’t be missed (it is the width of the field that creates the uniqueness and excitement of the Canadian game). IMO 20 yard end zones are still too big (yes, I know they used to be 25).

A team should only get an extra point on a missed field goal if the ball stays in the end zone.

i menyioned this and yes i got slaughtered … lol

also 15 yd end zones w/ 100 yd field make ALL cfl fields conforming and w/o shaved corners

They cannot get the rules correct now. Be consistent with what you have now and then if that can be done look to improve.

I am with you guys on this. would also go 60 yds wide and move the hash marks inline with the goal posts. The short side will become wider and more difficult to defend. Scoring sells tickets and this would help.

One player on each side gets to be armed with a pool cue and a trashcan lid.

Yea, I like that ^. The slightly smaller field also allows better football / soccer compatibility (for multi-use stadiums). I am not just talking CFL stadiums… I am talking about community / school fields. Let’s face it; city and school budgets are tight and turf is expensive. What we don’t want to see is municipalities cutting out the football “component” because of expense - which has happened.

just 1 player ?

how about a gun ?