Ideas for new CFL rules

  1. complete a pass from beyond center into endzone is now known as a super touchdown 10 points.
  2. run it back from beyond center to endzone is a super touchdown 10 points.
  3. complete a pass to endzone and the pass goes though uprights 7 points.
  4. each team is required to play a game where the field is at a 6% slant. In this game a given team will play uphill for 2 quarters.

ok the 4th rule is a bit crazy but what do you think of the first 3 rules? CFL 2.1?



no, really. It is good you trying to think outside the box a little but there is no need for those changes.

however, in keeping with your suggestions, how many points if the QB hits the goalposts?

how about if the punter kicks the ball through the endzone from beyond center?

should a 50 yard fg score more than a 30 yard fg. If so what would they both be scored as.

inquiring minds need to know :slight_smile:

Yes, why?


“my touchdown is better than yours”

I liked the 4th one the most.

You may have something FYB , The FG does inspire a change like the three point line in basketball .

Maybe a 50 yard FG should garner a 4 point score instead of just 3 points . I would not be opposed to that change .

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I’m not big on tinkering with the game, but I do like the 50+ yard field goal idea. Although there are weak head coaches who would make this their primary scoring strategy, particularly those snowflakes who refuse to go for it on 3rd and 1. (I find it fascinating that Corey Chamblin and Mike O’Shea come from the same background, and both suffer from the same weakness.)

I don’t know, I think leagues including the CFL just talk too much about change.

As for extra point for a longer field goal, maybe, but not in the offensive end. I think if you are getting extra point(s) it should be 55+. Teams wouldn’t automatically go for these, as all long field goals leave them open to returns.

I’m not a big fan of giving an extra point for longer field goals. A 50-yard field goal shows a great achievement for the kicker but also represents a relative failure of the offense. A 10-yard field goal is not such a great achievement for a kicker but it represents a relative success for the offense. IMO, the two balance out with each field goal being worth the same points.

Perhaps a system of more points for field goals based on distance behind the line of scrimmage could work. A FG kicked from within 10-15 yards of the LOS would be a regular three. FGs kicked from 15+ yards behind the LOS could be four points. That way, field position, kicking prowess, and ST coordination (i.e., that’d be a really long snap) would all be rewarded.

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How about just doing something about the rule re quarterbacks throwing the ball away. As it makes us look like a bush league.

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You’re right, I like this better. On the defensive side of the center.

how so? NFL and CFL rules are similar around this.

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That may be true, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a penalty for deliberately throwing a ball out of bounds.


In addition, this rules helps protect Qbs from unnecessary hits - so would not eliminate.

Last rule change I liked was with respect to the increased distance for the extra point.

Maybe split the endzone in two halfs. You get 7 points for scoring in the back half of the endzone.

the worst thing about CFL is the overtime start already in field goal position at the 35. They should at least start no closer than midfield.

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While we’re talking about silly fictional rule changes, how 'bout this?

Eliminate the hash marks completely. Could you imagine the formations if the QB and Center scrimmaged a yard from either sideline?

It’d definitely take football back closer to its rugby roots. It may tend to force play to the middle of the field as well; and cut down on some of the boring 7-yard outs.

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Why? Choke on a fg and you are at risk. It puts another element of the game into play in OT. That’s a good thing. Mandatory 2pt tries is a vit gimmicky imo…but then I see nothing wrong with a tie and wish sports would go back to seeing that as acceptable in regular season.

I think the worst aspect of OT is that it takes special teams out of the equation. I’d like to see each series begin with a kick. The first mini game can use punts and the second kickoffs, or vice versa. Just have the teams kick from deeper in their own end, maybe the 5-yard line.

i think ALL punts should land in field of play so they can be returned [end zone counts as field of play]
else a penalty
possibly less rouge too
right now its ok to punt ball out of bound if it end up inside the 20 -

i would much rather see a return than a punt out of bound at 15

might make for more td via punt return

I agree.