Ideas for growing football in Canada without the XFL

Perhaps the Sask fans have forgotten when the Cats and Argos bailed out the Riders in the past . Last time I checked , history didn't begin 10 years ago . :roll_eyes: Save the Roughriders Telethon comes to mind .

Pat Lynch ( the aged dude)


It's easy to forget the dark days of some franchises.

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Well technically, fast food franchise owners do "share revenue" with head office. They just call it a royalty fee, and it's based on a percentage of sales.

If you look at the posts regarding that situation on this board you will find more Bombers taking up objection to that than Sask fans. IIRC the comments about that topic were in the Bombers 2020 financial results thread.

I believe the Bombers also had a save the team telethon back in the 1990s.

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