idea's for GREY CUP party........

i'm going to have a GREY CUP party at our community centre, looking for idea's

Go to your nearest appliance rental store and rent the biggest screen tv you can afford for gameday....Go to your nearest deli or other food catering place and place an order for a nice size food platter with the usual cold cuts,cheese veggies...etc. And to feed everyone, order a nice size (6 or 8 foot) hero with the works.

And for beverages??? A keg or two of some ice cold LeBatt or Molson and the usual soft drinks for the non drinkers.

Announce to everyone that you will be charging a nominal fee to help offset these costs. People are usually willing to give as long as they don't have to do the work!

And...what I like to do (out of my own pocket) is buy everyone attending a scratch off lottery ticket just to make halftime a little more fun.

Of course...I don't know the amount of people attending so you have to adjust accordingly.

Enjoy!! :rockin:

I would highly recommend watching the game.....

Well of course there'll be time for that too. :wink:

A fun low level gambling /pot game goes like this. Have a pee-wee football and pass it on to the next person after each play. Before each play everyone puts a certain amount of money each play into the pot.(e.g. 25 cents, or a loonie or whatever) When one of the teams scores (does not matter if it is a field goal, single , touchdown or whatever) the person with the pee-wee football wins the pot and you start again. Fun way to get everyone interested and takes no skill to win.
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Good game turkey, nice.

One of my favorite pre-game events was we used to stage what we called a “toothbrush party”, the night before Grey Cup. You need to do this in a hall to get the numbers but the way it works is everyoned shows up with a toothbrush and one couple wins a trip to the game with flights to and from and game tickets.

Unfortunately I never won.

If you are all adults at the party, make a draft of all the players. Everytime a player scores. everybody but the one who drafted him drinks a glass of Gibson's Kicker (gotta support the CFL sponsors), or whatever else you've got on hand. The defensive units usually counts for one player as their scoring occasions are so few.

Then, hope for a blowout.

My tip: draft a kicker.

My other tip: don't drive back home.

...the key to having a successful Grey Cup party is to hold it on Grey Cup sunday....otherwise it's meaning is somewhat diluted....

Good game Turkey! I like it.

Me, its the food at the parties that make it successful. Mrs Sportsmen makes up about 3-4 cold dishes, and we have a different hot dish each quarter. We tell our guests that they can bring along a dish, so we end up with salads and deserts as well. Nobody feels like dinner because we snack all day.

If all the food doesn't soak up the booze, we have everyone jump in the lake to sober up. :wink: :wink:

Just kiddin.

You must not have attended a Grey Cup Week, otherwise you would know that the key is to start on Monday and party until the game is over.

Maybe longer if your team wins.

True. Riders fans can celebrate one Grey Cup win for decades !

Grey Cup Ticket sales are now at 41,050, so there are now around 3,900 seats left for the game.
If the Riders or Bombers make it, they will need to add more seats!

Rider - Bomber final - you heard it here 1st!!
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Here is something that has been a tradition in our family when my parents were not able to attend the Grey Cup personally.

Get a few lifts of construction scaffold and assemble them like bleachers in your driveway. Put a TV set in the carport or garage...that is also where the bar and food

Dress warm ...have a good time tailgating before the game...make sure you have DD's for the ride home!

Try it and it will become "Your" tradition! :thup:

Yeah. Riding home with Dave Dickenson is always a pleasure. He's a nice guy. He might be unavailable on Grey Cup night though...

Third, you didn't finish your sentence, so I finished it for you! :wink: :wink: :wink:

This edit guy is determined to be heard.

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