Ideas for Bob Nicholson

Bob Nicholson sure appears to have his hands full trying to juggle what should be done and what can be done because of apparent financial restrictions.
Because what should be done just might stretch C & S's pocket book's too far. Here's some ideas of what could can be done Bob.

Make Adam Rita GM and Head Coach (same pay) Greg Mohns is already his assistant GM and Per. Dir. Make Steve Buratto assistant Head Coach/ offensive coordinator/ offensive line coach. You have to pay them anyway so make them earn it. They have won a few Grey Cups so they're not stupid, just lazy.
Bring in Damon Allen to assist with the offense and Jude St. John as an assistant O-line coach. The fans need more "back on the rails" stories anyway. Commandeer Pinball to make guest appearances to coach the RB's and kick returners. Also to make motivational speeches to the team.
Have Damon take his QB challenge on the road this off season and try and find some free agent QB's. The next Ricky Ray is out there somewhere.
Tell Kerry Joseph to take a big pay cut or hit the road. Sign Buck Pierce when and if BC releases him and design a two back offense to help protect him. That means a BIG fullback. Free agent Toronto boy Kerry Carter would fit the bill.

Have Adam and Greg get their picture taken, smiling with their arms around Dave Naylor.

Sign one or all three Canadian QB's Brannigan, Faulds and Glavic with the intent of developing a Canadian QB. It would be good public relations and your scouts can't find any good ones down south anyway. Put them on the nine game injury list for the season with brain cramps or something but keep training them and see what happens.

Petition the league to allow one of the three import QB's to be a kicker as well. Then make Eddie Johnson the third string QB. :slight_smile:

Keep the Defensive Coordinator Durachek and hire O'Shea and Steinauer to assist him. Bring back Simmons as ST coach. Resign fan favourites Jonathan Brown and Bryon Parker.

Make sure the Canadian draft is well scouted because it is a deeper draft class and you have 11 picks. Miles Gorrell and Nick Volpe have seemed to have done a good job here IMO. Its the down south scouting that seems to be weak. Maybe Andrus and Stubler can earn some of their money by scouting. :wink:

Next year when many contracts are up will be the time to make the drastic moves. But for now it will keep everybody happy. The fans will be happy, C & S will be happy with the money saved, and the league will be happy because things appear to be stablized.

I'm sure I missed something Bob, but its a start.

Or bring back Stubler and Bishop

Stubler, yes. Bishop no.
hes a bomber anyways.

Stubbler's got a job and I don't think you will see him in Toronto till Adam Rita and Gary Coleman are gone.