Ideas for 2018 Scoreboard Content


For the most part I have little negative to say about the content displayed on the scoreboard before and during the game. The team intro is catchy and well done, the stadium rules are cheesy yet light-hearted. While not a social media fan I don't mind the twitter / instagram highlights as it helps people feel part of the gameday experience.

There are a few things missing that I'd love to see that would help both in growing appreciation for the game but also help new fans.

  1. More replays - Often we will see a challenged call and while we are waiting we see recycled content that isn't necessarily valuable at the time. Fans want to see replays, to celebrate a big hit, a big catch or even a challenged call. Fans get riled up and invest themselves when seeing this kind of stuff.

  2. CFL Lessons - This would be amazing, many fans I know love the sport but do not know much about it. A video series about rules, vernacular, fundamentals would go a long way to bring new fans to the sport and not making them feel like dummies for asking questions. I'm often asked by people around me "Why is that a penalty?" "What just happened there?" "What is that play called?" CFL is trying to usher in a new generation to keep the game relevant but it does little to teach the game to people who have had little exposure to it in the past. I am not afraid to admit, there is MUCH I don't know about the game, I know at a high level what differentiates it from the NFL but often I am cross checking what I am seeing during the game on my phone to educate myself as I have never played football in my life.

I'd love for the fans to chime in on what they would like to see, even if it to tell me I am off base and wrong, my goal is to share needs based on experience to help this product grow to make it appealing to people long-term.

I agree with the idea of more replays, and I really like the concept of the rule explanation. It would be great if the explanation was relevant to the recent call on the field, but that would be only a text message for now. Maybe by next season they could have game highlights, not necessarily just Cats, that show the infraction with an abbreviated text before and/or after

I think the explanation of rules would be handy. While a lot of people understand the general fundamentals of football, its mostly the rules that are shared with the NFL. With CFL having many differences, there are things that make it more exciting.

For example, we received a penalty for a punt that went out of bounds in a recent game. But on multiple occasions after that, whether it was kicked out, or bounced out, there was never a penalty call. While I'm sure I could look it up, I still haven't figured out the reason for that penalty, nor have I seen it called since. On screen explanation would be great.

Maybe player biography segments during breaks in play. Get to know some of the guys on the team, where they came from. More informative and football related than playing "Heads up", or whatever it was called. Might as well have a Battleship tournament next season.

My take on scoreboard content is to make the in person experience similar to that from viewing from the cave at home. There were many times that i was at the game but between plays was saying to myself if i was home and i would have seen the replay. There are more distractions when watching live and times where you missed something in the play and I know i really would appreciate a play replay on the big screen every play.

I read somewhere that some coaches don’t like replays on the big screens because it allows the opposition to make decisions about possible infractions. With the advent of ‘tablets’ on the sidelines, that is probably a lesser concern, but maybe still an influence?

Personally, I would like to see more replays, of the big plays, both ways, not just the Cats. Not the 2 yard hitch nor every short pass, but certainly the long bombs, short yardage on 3 and inches, scoring plays, big runs and run backs. I tend to watch the live action as much as I can, but sit near the north end zone. It would be nice to see replays of scoring plays and defended scoring attempts from the south end. Also more shots from the over-head cam, if possible.

As to rules explanations, that might be a nice feature between quarters and at half-time. Fan shots during commercial breaks would be better if restricted to those times, and perhaps only a few per quarter?

All great points above.

I think it's tough to do the replays with the shorter than NFL play clock. When I watch at home I've often thought TSN should cut the "replay' graphic and just go right to it.

More replays at the stadium would be great and some quick rule explanations - something simple. So for example, when there is a penalty on a punt out of bounds "penalty because ball left the playing field between the 20 yard lines" (Or whatever the heck it is).

When I go to the game, I take a pocket radio and earphones.

John Salavantis explains the rules and the plays as well as anyone I’ve ever listened on TV or elsewhere.

What is a radio? I have one in my car LOL.
Just kidding, good idea. Young folks don't know much about radios though.

I heard the explanation recently on the punts. You have to get the kick past inside the…10 yard line I want to say, in order for it to not be a penelaty.

Maybe instead of the board being used to explain rules, the stadium announcer could do it. Instead of "Samoni wants more noise" he could say "legal punt out of bounds within the 10 yard line". I often hear the stadium announcer on telecasts from other stadiums with information such as "pass made to X, knocked down by Y" or "X the ball carrier, tackle made by Y". Don't seem to hear that as much at THF, our guy seems more interested in crowd noises than in game information?
Punts must land inbounds between the twenty yard lines....but can then roll out of bounds etc....;0)

But bringing the car radio would be kind of bulky and not sure that the car battery would last that long…LOL

Yes , but think about it , you wouldn’t be too hard to spot in the crowd 8)The fun part would be trying to get it past security at the gate ;DAnd to top it off you would have a great chance of being shown on the Jumbo tron at the game in between shots of the Kiss-cam :smiley:

Full disclosure, as a kid listening to games on the radio I used to think a “no-yards” penalty was the same as a “ten-yard penalty” or “five-yard” penalty… as in it was a violation, but there was no yardage punishment given… lol

In the spirit of that these would be AWESOME pre-game and intermission material. Have pre-recorded little info segments set up like NFL Gameday or etc.

There you go, proves my point. If the stadium announcer said that during the season, I wouldn’t have goofed up my example! :-[

Travelling to Alberta to seeing both Ticats games there in 2017, at McMahon and Commonwealth Stadiums, they have current and constantly updated game stats on their scoreboards. I would like to see this more oftenat THF.