Idea to Increasing Next Years Season Ticket Base

[b]I thought of a idea to increase the Season Ticket Base for 2010 - I am going to send the suggestion to the TC's. Love to know what people think - good, bad or indifferent.

As some of you know, the World Juniors (Hockey) are coming to Buffalo in 2010 - 2011.

The Tiger Cats should sponsor an OUTDOOR (Exhibition) Game, between the Team Canada and Team Russians, at Ivor Wynn in December 2010 - before the World Juniors starts.

Here is how it would work...

The tickets would go for the cost of the Ticat ticket - average $45 each. 30,000 seats x $45 = $1,350,000. The game could also be sold to TSN. Sponsors would be lined up to be a part of this! The profits (after deducting the cost of putting the game on) would be shared between Hockey Canada, Team Russia and the Ticats.

Ticat Season Ticket holders would get first dibs on their seats.

I believe a lot of people would buy season tickets if they knew the could see an OutDoor game, at Ivor Wynn, featuring Team Canada's World Juniors. Heck, Scalpers would have field day!

I know a lot of people question the ability to make ice at that time of year - and the costs. However, there are artificial rinks, with fake ice, that work better then the real thing - many cities have bought them.

Just imagine, cheering the World Junior Team, at the most fan friendly stadium in the CFL. It would be awesome!!!

The Argos could do the same against the Americans at Exhibition Stadium!

Anyway, what does everyone think?[/b]

There was an outdoor hockey game a few years ago and it completely bombed. I believe it was for charity.

The problem we have seen with the NHL outdoor games is that the ice isn't the best and guys are trying not to get hurt.

It's a novel idea but I just don't see it working out.

With season tickets, it's all about incentives. What makes people buy season tickets? To me it's giving the fan bonuses if they pay early (ie this year you saved an extra 10% if you paid by February).Also, people get motivated by free stuff. So a reduced ticket price plus something for free.

My idea in another forum was for the Cats to freeze ticket prices for next year, right now and for any new subscriber who puts down a deposit now would get a free ticket to one of the 3 remaining home games.

Thanks for you input but I still think it would work! :slight_smile:

The cats dont own IWS

Great idea just play it in Copps to be sure of the weather.

Host the 2009 East Semi Final. Compete. Maybe even win.