Idea to Increase Ticket Sales and Exposure

[b]Big Brother/CFL Sponsorship Deal :smiley:

The TV show (Big Brother) is huge in Canada. However, there has never been a Canadian version. Every other Country has their own version but not Canada.

The Aspers who own Global TV and the rights to the show (in Canada) are big CFL fans - the one brother wants to buy the Blue Bombers. The Aspers and Global TV should put on a Canadian Big Brother with the contestants coming from people who submit there application at CFL games.

You attend a CFL game you get to sign up and submit a DVD application. 12 participants... 2 from Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. 1 from Hamilton, Ottawa(hopefully one day), Winnipeg, Sask, Calgary and Edmonton.

Young people would attend games in droves in the hope of being chosen - just what the CFL needs!

To be honest, originally, I thought of a Survivor/CFL partnership (since the CFL is the Ultimate Survivor!!!!) but I love Big Brother. If Survivor is chosen, the 12 Canadians could be matched up against 12 Americans on a fair away island - quite a sell on U.S. Canadian TV.

Anyone else think this is clever? Stupid? I am figuring on a 10%/90% split (smile). [/b]

they need to get the guys who make the commercials and produce the TV ads for the NFL up here and create our CFL commercials and TV ads during the game.

ours are boring and simplistic.

we need more emphasis on excitement and pizzaz!

I would love more emphasis on pizza!