Idea, new Kicking rules

okay, now the CFL wants to be exciting football so here are a few idea's to increase that:

-successful Drop Kicks count an extra Point over successful Field Goals(instead of the same) unless it's on a PAT try.

-Field Goals and Drop Kicks cound an extra Point if they are Kicked(point the ball is placed/dropped) Beyond the 50 Yard Line.

-All kicks(punts too) that go DIRECTLY(in air) out of bounds between the 25 yard lines will result in a 25 yard penalty.

-All Kicks(punts too) that go Out of Bounds between the 25 yard lines on a single Bounce will result in a 10 yard penalty

-All Kicks(Including Kickoffs) that go out of Bounds as a Result of Rolling out(no bouncing) will receive NO YARDAGE PENALTY.

-These Changes would be to encourage Kicks to be towards the middle of the field unless it's a Coffin Corner kick(Kicker is hitting it out to pin the team in their own 10 yard line)
-To Allow Teams options when mounting a Come-back,
-Drop-kick is Harder then a Field goal and thus should recieve more points.
-To Stop teams watching Balls Rolling out of bounds on Kick offs.

everyone of those rules are redicuous. but i do agree in keeping deliberate, effortless out of bounds punts should be penalitized, but only 10 yards maybe.

coffin kicks outof bounds is a very hard skill to acquire, its an integral part of the game, and good positioning for defenses.

Sorry Barnes, but I don't think many or any of those will fly with the exception of Punts in "Flight" that go out of bounds getting, maybe a 15 yard penalty.

Well who here has seen a Drop kick?(not wrestling) and how many have seen a Drop kick in the past 15 years that wasn't the Doug Flutie one with the Patriots?
Problem with Increasing it's points?

15 yard penalty for a ball going out in flight isn't enough considering coaches don't consider that a penalty when kicking to Quality Punt Returners(Holmes, AJ III, Stokes)

A 25 yard penalty is insane. Occasionally a punter will shank a punt out of bounds, even the best ones. You can't penalize a team almost a quarter of the field for that.

Actually Barnes, I saw a drop kick two years ago....My Grandson's Junior Bantam team messed up a convert attempt. The kicker also played Rugby in High School got the ball from the holder and dropped kicked it through the uprights. The Officials were so surprised, they huddled, and then awarded the extra point.

Thats the only time.

nice, exciting play wasn't it?

yeah, drop kicks are exciting plays, no doubt about it, but I hardly doubt a team would find it worth it, unless it was down by 4 on the last drive of the game (that's the only scenario - in which case, I'd be more excited seeing them go for the touchdown anyway). Even if a drop kick was worth 4 points, I doubt ANY coach would let his team take that risk rather than use a down to kick a FG. A drop kick could VERY easily result in a fumble, and more often than not, it would result in a turnover (making those kicks, especially with a football, is very rare). Drop kicking a rugby ball is much easier, since its ends are more rounded. I think teams would find less risk in going for a TD than a drop kick, unless a drop kick was worth a good 3 points MORE than a touchdown. And that just wouldn't be right.

I also disagree with the idea of FG's over 50 yards being worth more. It's chintzy and unnecessary, and it would become a point of ridicule for the league.

What's the point of giving a penalty to a team for allowing the ball to roll out of bounds? If the ball is rolling, it's definite that there are players from both teams at least 5 yards away. So, it's not like it would encourage exciting returns.

I would not mind seeing a rugby-esque rule on punts; ie, if it bounces in-bounds before going out, it's OK; otherwise, tack on 5 yards from where the ball crossed the line. Five yards only. Consider that holding gets you 10 yards, unnecessary roughness gets you 15, and an ejection gets you 25. There's NO WAY a kicking penalty should be more than 5 yards, especially for a mistake as innocent as accidentally kicking it out of bounds. I like seeing a really good punt.

The only other kicking rules I'd change are the rouge on a missed field goal (it should bounce in the endzone first), and perhaps some relaxation on the no-yards 5-yard "halo" after the ball has bounced three or four times.

you can't have a No Yards Penalty on a Kickoff!

its a live ball. and besides they already have a penalty for kicking it out of bounds on a kickoff!

you get the ball at the 45yd line!

you should study on your rules before making these posts..

Actually there are 2 choises.
Ball at the 45
Ball where it went out
You should stu.......never mind :lol:

Actually three choices...Penalize 5 yards and re-kick. (that option is never taken any more)

Agood punishment is make them stay in Regina wor a weekend. Kidding! The rules are fine.

Yup you're right! I forgot about that option

Sportsmen, you forgot to tell him to study the rules first :wink:

Just require all kicks from scrimmage to be returnable unless out through the endzone.

Only count rouges for kicks through the endzone that are returnable.

This would make coffin kicks more difficult but not impossible as a punter would now have to get the ball to land in bounds and hop out.

Any penalty for hoofing the football through the air into touch should be 10 yards or the 35 yard line (whichever is more to the advantage of the return team)

I think these are conservative and realistic changes that could be applied and could add to entertainment value.