Idea for Grey Cup uniforms

I was watching a U.S. college bowl between Mississippi St. and UCF and both teams were wearing their dark uniforms. I thought it looked great! And then I thought, gee, I wish the CFL would do that, even if it was just in Grey Cup games.

Most Eastern teams don't have the same dark colours as Western teams, so why not? In theory you could have Hamilton in black vs Calgary in red, or BC in orange vs Toronto in blue etc. Obviously if there were two teams with the same colours playing each other like Winnipeg vs Toronto (both blue) you'd go with one team in white. But generally I find the white uniforms boring (I'd rather see the 3rd jerseys used than the whites) and I really like the coloured ones. It's just an idea and I don't really see any downside, unless you want to say it goes against tradition.

or peg could just wear the gold ones

I was really hoping to see Sask and Winnipeg both pull out the retro uniforms for the Grey Cup game, since they wouldn't clash at all ... but I'm guessing there's a rule that one team has to wear white.

Does anyone think it's a bad idea?

And if there is a rule stating you have to have a team in white, couldn't that be changed for a special occassion like the Grey Cup?

The CFL has been allowing both teams to wear their darks on select games. Namely, this year's eastern final (Tor-Wpg), last year's east semi final (Tor-Wpg) & the regular season finale last year between Montreal and Edmonton.

I was hoping both teams would wear their vintage uniforms for the Grey Cup this year but Saskatchewan did go ahead and wear their regular road whites.

I find I dont really care about the uniforms except that they look familiar. I hate new looks. I watch for the plays, not the uniforms, or the cheerleaders, or the announcers, etc. The one uniform winnipeg wore this yr totally reeked, because to me it was not familiar.

Both teams should be forced to wear their dark colours for the Gr’eh’ Cup.
Just make somebody wear bibs if the colours are too similar.