idea for a new third jersey design

I wanna show you guys something, I didn't like how the new third BB jerseys had a lot of gold so I added a little bit more blue and white on the sheevls and I intended to make the W's white with a blue out line like I did on the pants, in this drawing of Hikaru (my Avatar), what do you think?

don't leave me hanging here guys!

way to reply to ypurself KK. LOL Just Jokes. I don;t thin we even need a third jersey. It is seen maybe once and they are never reall that good. Neat esigns but I wuld just prefer not to bother with a 3rd jersey.

Is it for sure that the 3rd Jerseys of Winnipeg and Edmonton will even be back next year?

I'd like to see them again. I liked them both and ended up buying the esks 3rd.

...I like the jersey....Kanga....maybe a little deeper gold...and the 'w' white...otherwise I think its a winner.. :arrow:

Your right Paps...the W should remain white...just makes good sense, to have a white W..
Not a bad job though Kanga....

the colors would be the same as the current one, but with white W's with blue outlines and the new design for the shelves.

I'm all for keeping the white W, hate the Blue one and especially the gold one!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

hope the BB third comes back this season, but still needs more blue.