Idea for a fifth CFL EAST team

Spouses is the word you want.

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PolyGAMETE. See what I did there?

Indeed but the Google had to come to the rescue . :grinning:

Pat Lynch (il vecchio)

Is the CFL not already working on a 5th eastern team....The Schooner? I think that would be more attainable than this in the short term. This might be an idea if and when the CFL ever considers going to 12 teams; 1 more eastern and 1 more western.

Mlse and the Argos need to get there act together before the CFL is going to be adding another team in the GTA Golden Horseshoe area.
Hate me if you want but these would all be viable options for the Argos to move to. Should there be any possibility of a stadium to be buillt.
The Argos and owner MLSE playing in downtown Toronto in a stadium. BMO field that end zone dimensions are close to being legal.
We are going on 5 years of so now and MLSE ha s done nothing to improve this situation.
A lot of empty promises so far. JMO

I favour a 2nd team in Quebec personally
Quebec City, Laval, etc

Maritimes (& Territories) are fun to suggest but populations are too small and too spread out to really support a team

10th team should be a rival for Montreal

The only other option imo is a 2nd tier CFL
Put a few teams in places with some population (maybe 6?) almost like a minor league / farm system where the 10 (9) CFL teams could loan players to so they get more develop time on field

If I were a billionaire looking to set up a new franchise somewhere in Canada, I'd probably target Quebec City too. But I'll certainly take Halifax considering it's the only city with a group publicly working toward getting a franchise established there.

Regarding the second-tier CFL, I think a population would have to be greater than 6 to support even a second tier CFL franchise. :wink:

As an alternative, the league might consider investing more in the CJFL. Perhaps create a Super 6 or Super 8 among the strongest CJFL teams and concentrate on having them develop some young CFL draftees.

I am not too familiar with the CJFL but the idea appears similar. My main issue with the CJFL is way too many teams are located in existing CFL markets (3 of the 6 ON teams, 6 of the 6 Prairie teams, 1 of the 6 BC teams). Only Montreal is spared.

In order for a second tier league to actually work the majority of the teams would need to be in different cities. Could make them geographically similar so a fan could commute but I would be hesitant putting teams in the existing CFLs backyard.