Idea for a fifth CFL EAST team

I was thinking that Kitchener, Guelph, Milton, London, Cambridge , Waterloo, and Windsor could have a team located close to London so it is close to all the the populated cities and you could call the Team The Western Mustangs and you could create at 25 thousand seat stadium equipped with plenty of room to tailgate and have the many universities and colleges nearby affiliated with the team like Windsor U, Western U , Guelph U, Waterloo U, Laurier U, and the colleges. This could work but one would hope that it would not cut into the Ticats fan base too much.

Another thought would be to have another team in the nearly 6 million GTA.
To have a small town feel the Team could be in Pickering or Markham North drawing from Newmarket , Barrie, Aurora, Markham, Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Peterborough… Call them the Markham Raders or Durham Raiders and have the Stadium around Highway 7 and Markham Road area or maybe a few miles east .
One could argue that if the Argos are not drawing people how could another team draw? Well it’s the small town affect…Oshawa has a junior hockey team that draws 5,000 a game…if this was considered Oshawa’s team , and Markham’s team and Scarborough’s team ( Durham includes Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa si namingvit Durham would draw from those cities and placing the stadium on the Markham/ Scarborough / Pickering border would draw from all places mentioned plus Richmond Hill, Barrie, Newmarket and Peterborough.
If the Stadium is close to the 401 and 407 and 400 could cross the 407 or 401…
So Northern Toronto and 400 north cottage country and highway 115 cottage country near Peterboroug could all be about an hours drive to the stadium near 407 and Markham Road area…My guess people from these ateas find going all the way to downtown Toronto to be more of a traffic and parking nightmare. This stadium would have a huge free parking lot and not much traffic. The home games could be on Saturdays and Sundays to attract cottage people and avoid work and rush hour traffic.

I’d like to see a fundamental reinvention of the CFL so it could operate in many of the places you mentioned gerbear9.

Detractors will say if there are problem cities in the present CFL, we can’t get so crazy as to add teams near to where current ones are already failing. I really think a big part of the perception problem is a lack of depth of field. Being king of a 9 team hill just doesn’t resonate in the big cities with other sports teams in North American leagues. Its why I think the divisions should be killed because they make a small league even smaller.

Its too bad that both early pro-football and pro-hockey in Canada distilled themselves down to just a few teams in the biggest cities. There were once neighbourhood teams and teams in smaller cities that could vie for the Grey Cup. The second world war and the withdrawal of western and and interprovincial rugby football unions from the CRU (the forerunner to Football Canada) in the 1950s left us with more or less the teams we have today.

I wonder what would have been had the smaller amateur clubs had a way to professionalize and be part of today’s CFL.

I’m sure the University of Western Ontario has this name copyrighted. :ghost:

The fans that I know about in this area are all Ticat fans.

In order for any of these ideas to work, it would require high demand from the population. And considering there’s absolutely no active CFL marketing around here, Guelph, Cambridge or London, I’d say the demand just isn’t there.

What WOULD be a good idea is for the Argos and Cats to BOTH be advertising in the area and play up the rivalry


A team in the KW area would have an impact on the Ticats as they do draw fans from the area.

If a team came to SW Ontario, it would have to be in London to have minimal impact on Hamilton and maybe even Toronto.

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Thanks for all you comments.
I am just wanting 5 team in each division and no more crossover and not having 6 of 9 teams make the playoff with 4 from the west and a western team potentially winning the East.

1m East Coast Halifax or Moncton ( more centralized and would draw fans from Halifax St John and St John’$, Charletown, Fredericton, and Easter Quebec)
Would like to think they would be like loyal Sask fans where its the only professional team in the Maritimes and East of Montreal so they could draw from Quebec.

  1. Quebec…big Football town and big city…would draw fron Easten Quebec and the Marititimes

  2. Team in Durham are . North East Totonto…no traffic no parking gauge big free parking lit…tailgating.

  3. Western Ontaro - Plenty of population and University Football…Make stadium close to London to draw from Windsor/ Detroit as well as Londn. Kitchener/ Weaterloo , Guelph, Cambridge, Milton and Southern Ontario )

Never hurts to dream gerbear, never hurts to dream. “Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp. Or what’s a heaven for?”

That sounds like a great idea but it would most likely be the last nail in the Argos coffin

I think Pinball Clemens ca help attract more fans with a better product.
He has loaded up with good canadian cflers and filling the import spots with guys that had great university careers or players that have had some time in the NFL combined with affordable import cfl vets.
I think with the GTA’ s population of over 6 million combined with southern Ontario being another few million they should be able to prosper with the right marketing plan and exciting and winning things can get better. Torono needs NFL LIKE gameday experience with hours of taillating bbqs and drinking and good live music. Part buses from the Universities and get them joining pickem and fantasy pools. When the 15 to 45 crowd see’s the cfl game and enjoy beers and burgers and live bands some of them will like the gane and gameday experience

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