Idea: change to roster setup

Right now the current roster setup is:
3 QB's(nationality doesn't matter)
19 Imports(5 DI's)
20 Non-Imports

42 - Also 4 non-dressed roster spots

The current roster setup gives no incentive to have a Canadian QB anywhere on the roster, my idea is to change it to:
2 QB (Nationality doesn't matter)
20 Imports(6 DI's)
20 Non-Imports

42 - have 3 non-dressed roster spots and 1 extra(NI) reserved spot if there is a Canadian QB ANYWHERE on the active roster.

This means a Team could carry a Canadian QB as their 46th player without any penalty to the team roster wise, the benefit is all teams would likely carry 4 QB's(one canadian) if for nothing more then to have an extra arm in practice and an extra player who knows the playbook in case of injuries.

Now if this was implemented The second part(the reserved roster spot) would be implemented if/when Ottawa comes back as all teams will lose atleast 2 players from their rosters there wouldn't really be any direct loss of a player by the forced change to the 46th roster spot.

One problem is this gives Montreal a head-start in the advantage by having Jesse Palmer already under contract, but other teams would atleast give Canadian QB's a chance, as the main thing they need is time to develop(IMO)

I could live with any idea to promote a Canadian QB.......

Russ Jackson, where are you! LOL

Its seems like a good compromise. An opportunity for a Canadian QB to potentially grow into pro material and, at the same time, it doesn't force teams to rely on unproven talent.

I'd love for CFL teams to devote some time and resources to potentially bringing up a Canadian QB. I think the CFL should do this because the CIS (prodigies excluded) just doesn't have the volume or calibre of football to make Canadians pro-QB ready. At the same time, I'm probably right to assume there aren't many Canadians starting at QB in the NCAA either.

So Barnes idea seems like something that should be looked into the next time the league & CFLPA have to put together another CBA.

worst case scenario, teams have a 4th QB on roster all year as an un-dressed backup. who all year throws passes for in practice for Drills.(in the situations where teams only need a Canadian QB on the 46 man roster)
the third american on roster is still there just a DI(same as now really)

The CFL might as well go with just making the current QB spots into 1 import and 2 DI's.
no change to current rosters.