Idea: An Official "Let the Fans Call A Play Day"

Just to lighten the mood around here, let's have a day, where fans on the website vote and create one wacky play that has to be used at some point in the next game. It can be something ridiculous, with a lot of onside men, laterals, and conveniently placed fans tripping players. It might make for something interesting.

(This is not particularly serious, by the way. But let's make up some crazy plays.)

We line up all our Big O linemen and Big D linemen in a V and run a mighty Ducks type running play!

Then quick kick!


One player on either side (Boreham v. Returner)...everyone else goes to the bench

Strap a steel helmet on Boreham's head and let him punt it away and watch the impending collision!

:o :D :lol:

I think a Hail Mary is in order. :slight_smile:

Wait til 3rd and 25 deep in our own end and try a fake punt pass left.

Wait...what do you mean we already tried that one?

I'd pay double my ticket price to see some of these people call plays for one game :smiley:

haha, i was the one that started this 2 weeks ago

When the blue team has all 4 linebackers within the tackles run a sweep, swing pass, or off tackle play to Ranek.

Last night they went right up the middle. That's right, 5 o lineman plus occasionally Radlein blocking against 7 defenders. Hmm, wonder why that didn't work too well? Maybe Paopao has the answer?

Great point .

Their D was right there in our backfield with open arms beside Josh when he had taken one step.

Good luck!!Think they knew the play??? the signals sent in from the bench?