Id rather play the eastern teams then western teams.

To get to the Grey Cup, I'd rather play eastern teams, our team has proven we have an easier time beating eastern teams, not Hamilton yet though, but we will get revenge this week. But we have proven we can beat Montreal or keep it a close game, we have not got blown out by Montreal once this year, it has always been close. Also, western teams have a way bigger fan base, which means a lot more louder, stamp and Roughrider fans go nuts, Montreal and Hamilton not as loud. Then if we made it to Grey Cup I would want to play the Stamps or Roughriders because you never know about Edmonton if they are going to be good or bad, and when they are good, they do really good.

+1 good call.

You know it's gonna be a war in the West. This way all the Lions have to do is play up to their potential and we win.

I said it 1/2 way through the season as a joke, but now I really hope it happens:
Only in the CFL could the Westernmost team play in the final as the Eastern representative.

Go Lions Go!

Find a way to stop Cobb. Find a way to finally protect our QB.

An aquittal should never be confused with innocence. :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s right Tiger-Cat. Montreal has always had problems with B.C. whether at home or away. No one knows why. Just one of those things I guess.

That maybe true the last few years, but History means nothing right now. The Lions are probably more worried about getting healthy for the for the playoffs. We should not underestimate a team like Hamilton in which we haven't beat this year. And tip your hat to the Ti-cats for a turn around year for them.As for the fans being quiet Geroyfan, don't underestimate the fans in Hamilton either . They haven't seen a home playoff game in 8 years so i'm pretty sure the fans in Ticat-land will be stoked for this game.
Its going to take more then Casey Printers to get past the Ticats ! 4-4 is not a good record against Eastern teams especially two of those wins were against the ARGO'S.
And one more thing ! It shouldn't matter who you play in the playoffs or Grey Cup. To be the best you have to beat the best. If your afraid of which opponent your facing in the playoffs then you shouldn't be playing.

True, but I just think we got a better shot in the east.

I like this guy! :thup:

OK. I've gotta ask. Why are you trolling around the Lions board. You call yourself "Tiger-Cat Great" and yet 100% of your posts are to the Lions forum. Either you're suffering from an identity crisis, you can't tell the difference between a Lion and a Tiger, or you're trying to get under peoples skin. Whatever the case, it just comes across as sad. :roll:

You should be so lucky that I come onto your board. Place is a morgue without me. Maybe I'd be alittle more efficacious if 90% of you didn't come across as a cocky bunch of ferrets.

If anything! Id rather face the West, well at least for us, we’ve beaten every west team at least once!..Mtl is a force to be reckon with! we have NOT beaten them yet, we came CLOSE!! Its a shame we didn’t have the same Reffs you did when you “beat” them heh! just playing:P