I'd Rather Lose with Chang

Actually he needs to look in the mirror for none of that. BTW it not why we lost. He IS responsible for the 4th quarter defensive breakdowns tho. The team quit because of his ineptitude

You really got me there. I now see the light that Jason Maas is responsible for players quitting and defensive breakdowns.

You are 100% right! :thup:

By the way, I don't think we quit.....I think we got beat.

The team quit.

How exactly? Because you said so? I didn't see anyone quit.

This post probably gets the nod as the longest one without a period. Bet you can't read it aloud without taking a breath. :wink:

Seriously though, I think Chang understands the team's situation all too well and would be prepared to lose a few before he starts to see some wins. Also, I don't think he's so thin skinned as to not be able to shoulder his share of bumps, bruises and losses. He's been a 4-year NCAA player, played in NFL-Europe and been to a couple of NFL training camps. He's not a 10 year old kid who needs to be protected from the boogieman. From what I've seen and read about him, he's got career goals and seems to know what sacrifices he needs to make to get him there.

Maas is an anchor to the rest of the team right now. Sure he's improving but not nearly fast enough to get into the playoffs. If you're honest, he gets his completions between the 20 yard lines and hopes the recievers can do something with the ball which is fine but a QB needs to make the long completion occasionally for all kinds of reasons mentioned elsewhere for the last few weeks. Look what Glenn's long completions did for the Bombers. Maybe watching a game or two from the sidelines might actually help Maas. One or two more losses and you can kiss 2007 off before Labor day.

What annoys me big time is that Taafe won't even try Chang and week after week I see 2007 slipping through my fingers. Thank Gawd I cheer for the Argos too.

An Argo-Cat fan

Actually there are more people than just me saying it. If you don't recognioze a total collapse as a team that quit its not my fault

So now you blame the team for quitting. Are you saying they lack professionalism and pride to the point that they quit? Just to keep this straight, are you still laying all of this on Maas still?

I don't think anyone quit out there. They played hard and with pride.

I am fed up already watching this team lose game after game. They are still taking stupid, needless penalties. Maas isnt 100 % so he shouldnt be playing until he is fully recovered. No tds, thats brutal. Start Timmy Chang, he can throw deep. He wont get any experience watching on the sidelines. They could have won the last 2 games, especially last night in Winnipeg if they could have scored a td or 2 instead of kicking 6 fgs. This is absolutely disgusting to watch pro players making the same mistakes game after game. Do they understand you cant go within 5 yards of a kickoff / punt before the receiver has touched the ball ?????????? The offence lacks any imagination, playbook looks the same from the last 5 years! I honestly dont know if I will watch the next game, I am really disappointed in them. Yes there are alot of new players, systems etc etc, they have had training camp and now a month of the regular season yet I dont see any signs of getting any better anytime soon.

I am starting to question both Marcels ability to judge player talents and Charlie's ability to coach. Yes he won back to back coach of the year awards but look at them Montreal teams, they were very good. The coach has to be responsible for the players and there play on the field ie taking stupid penalties game after game after game. I believe the Cats have now scored 68 points after 5 games, thats brutal. If they were playing well and losing close games I would support them but this is terrible football for a pro league. They look like a high school team just learning the basics, and I for one am tired of watching this disgusting product.

I feel bad for Mr.Young as I do know he wants a winner just as bad as every Ticat fan.

With 10 minutes left THE TEAM had a 1 point lead with Winnepeg 2nd and 20 from their 25, Delgardo was beaten on a 22 yard pass to Edwards,with no pass rush, this was the turning point in the game. Hamilton was winning on both the scoreboard and in terms of time of possession, Quit using Maas as a lightening rod for your anger.

The team had a chance to win in the final quarter. Your beloved Maas took a schoolyard penalty because someone on the other bench called him a mean and nasty name. He lost his cool in front of the winnipeg bench and took a penalty for throwing the ball at someone, winnipeg knew at that point he was rattled, he showed it to everyone…winnipeg rose up at that point and stuffed us and our bench sunk. When your leader buckles under pressure and does something foolish it flows through the whole team and that was the turning point in my opinion. I sure hope maas recovered from being called that bad name. He needs to act professional and let words roll off his back. That was sad to see. Selfish. Thats no leader and evening up that call cost us big.

A kick off is a free ball. Anyone can recover a kick off after it travels ten yards. There is no no-yards on a kick off.

The offence lacks any imagination, playbook looks the same from the last 5 years! .
They're consistently getting around, if not over, 400 yards per game the last three games, and two of those games were on the road in BC and Winnipeg where that is quite an achievement.

It is by no means the same offence of the last five years. They move the ball and they are improving.

Of course it didn't. That was an irrellevant play.

Anyone who has ever played the game knows you dont show you are hurt and you dont show you are rattled. maas lost his cool and looked like a spoiled child in front of the winnipeg bench. They fed off that major and stuck it too us after that. I think he threw a couple picks after that also and our team quit when the leader buckled. I actually think it was the first play after that penalty that maas threw his first pick of the game. rattled, bad play, team sinks, we lose.

I agree with the title of this thread... Start Chang so he can develop into something and hopefully maybe next year he can win us a few games.

What do you care. Aren't you boycotting the next game?

Then it's not just you who's totally wrong on this subject.

Quitting and making mistakes that lead to a loss is a totally different thing. They didn't quit.....that's not to say they didn't collapse, but quitting is totally different.

Why don't you go tell these players to their face that they quit?

If you do tell them they quit to their faces, which they did, be careful. Jason Maas(next weeks backup) will throw the ball at you. Make sure you are over 20 yards away from him when you say it, thats his range.

Explain how they quit? I'm curious as to how you think this?

I have watched the game twice now as I have it on tape, and the game was decided when Winnipeg racked up 9 points in 5 seconds.

6 points for a TD. 2 points for the two-point convert and then a single on a kickoff which is an absolute disgrace when Troy Westwood is the guy kicking off.

That put us 8 points behind and we couldn't get anything going after that. I didn't see anyone quit....I saw Winnipeg finish us off with another TD.

Game over.

There wasn't even time to quit.

Rebounder....you're wanted in the boycott thread with the rest of the die-hards.

They played hard and that's one reason to cheer for this team of young players.

And two posts above is an example of a personal attack on Maas which was discussed elsewhere. It's uncalled for.


I have watched the game twice now quote]

You need to get out more