I'd Rather Lose with Chang

That game last night was another winnable game, just like last week against Grey Cup champs BC. I have no idea what Maas’s problem is (not fully rehabbed, longing for the wife in Edmonton, new coaches, new playbook, new team mates…) nor do I care. What I do know is that the team is now 0-5 and he can take a huge amount of the blame for that. Last night was a prime example—no TDs. It’s hard to win without putting up any TDs in a game. Bad passes to open guys. After every bad play (many his own), he shows his frustration and disgust on his face, throwing his arms around, looking skyward, even stomping the ground. That can’t be much of a confidence builder for the guys around him. No cool, collected leader here.

So, if the Cats are going to lose I’d rather do it with a guy who has an upside and a future in Hamilton. Sure, they may still lose more than they win with Chang at QB but it’s like an investment. You figure there will be a payoff down the road----a young, 1st string QB with experience. Almost 1/3 of the season’s gone and the team is winless. If this was a hockey team, don’t you think the backup goalie would’ve gotten a chance by now to see if he could spark a win?

0-5!!! How bad does it have to get?

We have tickets for Aug 3 and I’m hoping like h*ll that I see Chang at QB.

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I agree with part of what you are saying, but I don't blame Maas for the losses.

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I blame Maas for the loses.

This team has problems with penalties, kick return yards, kick coverage no-yards, defensive pass coverage and pass rushing.

On offense:

I blame Maas for the lack of offensive production in terms of POINTS... you know those things football teams need to win?

Not yards.
Not completions.


Maas is a frustrating player because he is getting better every game...and always seems to improve just enough so that Taafe can justify starting him over Chang the next game.

I get the impression that Taafe is really invested in Maas, and will play him until this "we can't get TD's" problem is solved. Which may be soon. Maas seems to be clicking with all of his receivers now. The timing is no longer an issue, and they all seem to be on the same page. Bauman is quickly becoming one of Maas' favorite tagets, too.

So yes, I also would like to see Chang play, but I don't think we'll see him start a game until we are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Maybe the game after Labour Day? At that point, give Chang the experience he needs, then have a true battle for the starting QB position in 2008.

That would be sad. If Taffe actually continues along this path I’ll be forced to think he knows absolutely nothing anymore.

I agree if Taaffe waits that long he he's got some real decision-making problems. I have confidence in Taffe. I can see the team coming along. Management have got to understand that Maas is not the guy right now. I don't think it's too much to ask to start Chang and see what he can do. If the Ticats don't have the courage to do that, than I have to begin questioning the coaching staff's ability to make common sense decisions.

As Much as Want Maas to Start
I have to Agree Start Timmy Next game..

I'd like to see Timmy Chang start because I'd like to see us develop a QB. We know what we've got in Maas: a QB who can't throw the deep ball and who throws a lot of passes into tight spots and gets our receivers killed.

Let Chang play and see what happens, I have a feeling he will at least loosen up the defences because they won't be able to roll up the coverage like they do against Maas. Plus, how exciting is it to watch this kid play! Every time he's out there I'm on the edge of my seat.

Let me ask you guys something?
When an NFL team dont win who is the 1st player to blame it on, or better yet which player steps up and takes the blame.

In the NFL its more of a team game since there are 4 downs not 3. Even so the QB still takes the brunt of the critisism.

you'd rather lose with chang-you won't be happy til he gets thrown to the wolves and finishes a game 9 for 27 and 62 passing yards to see for yourself that maybe he is not the second coming. you'd rather see a young guy not have success and go 2 and out all game
(hypathetically speaking) a la mike mcmahon and eventually get replaced by richie williams then have jason throw for 341 yards and just not be able to punch it in.i hope you're not blaming this one on jason cause you do know that he does not call his own plays right. enough with the "arm is not rehabbed enough" just cause he didn't throw enough tds when you wanted him to.there are so many variables that go into manufacturing a td. maybe the receiver didn't run 11 yards and ran 13 yards,maybe the fullback released from his block a little too early forcing jason to release quicker.maybe the right tackle blew his assignment. don't come on here and say you'd rather lose with chang cause it would all come back to you fans having patience, which right now you are telling bob "we've been having patience for 4 years now" and clearly the majority of you have run out of it and rightfully so.if you can cut the dbs and receivers and o-line some slack then doesn't the fact that the qb is making strides and seems to be improving every week grant him some time too?if you're willing to lose with a young supporting crew, doesn't that mean you should be willing to lose with the qb that is leading them-after all it is a team sport right? knock it off,jason and the rest of the tiger-cats are not far off.

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Maas will continue to play simply because he is the most expensive player on the team and it makes the front office look bad if he’s not playing. Maybe they should change his contract so he is commissioned only on touchdowns. Maybe then we’d see some TD’s then. Seriously though, its all in Maas’ head. He doesn’t have the confidence and that is not good for leading a team. I think Maas is a LOSER at this point and we need to give the team a chance to win by having a WINNER at QB. I’d love to see Chang get a chance to play next week…I’m in the Chang Gang!!

Actually if Chang has that little to offer I want to know sooner rather than later.

Here's where I think you're wrong.

This front office didn't acquire Maas. The old front office did, and they're all gone.

This front office acquired Chang.

If they were concerned about making themselves look good, Chang would be getting the starts.

Uh...Jason Maas?


Um Jason plays in the CFL Your rambling is getting old

Maas blames you.

Feel free to "convert" back anytime you like.

It figures Maas is blaming someone else?

Yup......he's blaming you.

It's your fault that we take 150 yards of penalties every game and it's your fault that the defence couldn't defend a second and long last night.

It's also your fault that our defensive line got absolute ZERO pressure on Glenn and I blame you for our secondary being unable to cover the CFL's greatest receiver of all time last night.

Seriously, why didn't you do something about it? You deserve to be cut.