i'd love to watch some cfl but i'm in ohio

hello everyone,
i hope you all enjoy tonites games..
i wish there was a way i can watch them too
but being in the states i probably dont have a chance to see the games...
i remember years ago espn carried the cfl but since they became one of the industry leaders in sports programming stull like the cfl got kicked to the curb..
i would love to watch the cfl brand of football...
anyone on here know how i could watch it online or anything...
please get back with me
rich h


scroll to the bottom of this page, and hopefuly this helps u...if not, u can listen to games online, by goin to the teams website, and clicking the link to the online radio broadcast.

OMG, god bless America, NOT!!! :roll:


BTW, I'm not blaming the CFL for this, no way, I know they would gladly have big American Channels show their games.

I'm blaming OLN, B2, and other networks that I e-mailed.

We get every CFL in Chicago. What you need is a local independent station that needs nighttime programming. The tiny station we have gets its best rating for the CFl. The bigger networks have too much available for programming

CFL on CSS Atlanta right now.

is there any online webcasts so that us unfortunate fans in the us can watch...
i know of this site right now


someone just led me to KDCG.com they have games you can watch on line.

I clicked the banner at the top of the site but it just opens up winamp and doesn't do anything?

CBC in Southeast Michigan. Of course, Windsor is our immediate neighbor just 3 minutes away.

they werent playing tonites game in edmonton ???

Get Directv or Dish Network and you can see the games

Nope, it was a Calgary game.