I'd like to see the import rule changed..

make it 8 non-imports but make it even on offence and defence. I don't want to see the defences dominate anymore especially after watching the NFL playoffs where it is clear that the NFL is now far more entertaining than the CFL - i don't like to admit that, but I'm not going to live in denial and pretend it's not a fact lol. The flow to their games has been amazing while the CFL has been in an offensive drought the last couple of years because all the teams are stacking their defences with imports.

People will hate me for this .
I'd like to see Canadian Ratio gone from the CFL.
I think the best players should be playing.
Not just cause your Canadian.

To me it like the affirmative action for Canadian Football players

I'd like to see a return to the old days when an import who played for the same team for a number of tears became a non-import providing he stayed with the same team. This provided continuity and the players became a part of their adopted community. If a player stays 5 years with a team I cannot see this rule hurting the Canadian kids but boy o boy is there an incentive for a guy to stick with his team and an even bigger incentive for teams to keep their imports long term

Great idea catsconvert. I think Canadian kids need a league to play in (CFL) but your idea has lots of merit.

I like it!

Agree wholeheartedly.. I'm not sure how many other cities benefitted from this, although I suspect Winnipeg did, but Hamilton gained some excellent citizens who went this route.

It makes for strong continuity for the team, and a boost in civic pride for the community.

Drexel and catsconvert I like both of your ideas. Except I don't know if there is enough quality Canadian players available at least in the backup area. Now if the league would allow each team to have some naturelized non-imports then it would be possible.
I say get rid of the silly rule that says if you live 5 years in Canada before your 15th birthday you're a non-import. Instead allow each team to have a couple of their veteran import be declared a non-import. Looking at last years rosters, players like Baron Miles, Milt Stegall, Eddie Davis, Mookie Mitchell, Shannon Garrett come to mind. It would be a more fair way for each team then the present luck of the draw that finds a Noel Prefontaine.
I also like the idea of teams having to have 3 or 4 non-imports on both offense and defense.

I think the import rule has a place in the game, its just that as it currently stands, its too high (about half the roster). It should be reduced to 10-12 per team with only 1 non import having to have a starting position on both sides of the ball. Coach Lancaster said it best when he said that the rule did help some talent develop into fine players, but at the same time it also prolonged the careers of too many players that just plain had no business in any pro league.

I agree with snoopaloop. The non-import/import ratio is fine in its current configuration. That, along with the three down rule, is what puts the "Canadian" in the "Canadian Football League".