....Seeing as how we are getting down to 'nitty-gritty' of the season...i'd like to see the BigBlue get a little more inventive...

  1. Run Bishop....i know the guy has wheels...and yet i can't recall him running very often ....He's another threat if he takes off

  2. Get more pressure on opposition kickers....I don't think we've had a blocked punt all year...or even getting close....we need to get our speedy defenders coming off the edge to cause some hurried punts or prefferably ...block one

  3. I'd like to see Renault take off with one....The guy is very physical and in the right situation could pull off the unexpected

...Nothing like throwing in a few wrinkles to get the oppositon off balance....When your less predictable ..your game is greater

.....Mike are you listening.... :rockin:

  1. I don't know if I would want to see too many designed QB run plays for Bishop. He does seem relucant to just take off right now so maybe a few designed plays might help although I will demand that he slide when approached by defenders - no hurdles!

  2. With the way Jovon is playing if I had to choose between setting up a return and putting extra pressure on a kicker, I would go for the return. When the opposition is kicking from deep in their own end it would be nice to see them try for the block a few times even if it sacrifices the return a little.

  3. I think I read or heard MK say that Renauld has the green light to run if he thinks he can get the first down. He has gone a couple of times on his own this season. On one play he gained 25 yards and on another he ended up kicking the ball when he saw the lane shut down.

  1. i like what theyve been doing with bishop, rolling him out getting him out of containment.. i think he may just need to take it more on himself to take off now and then to keep the D off guard as sometimes he tries to force throws into tght coverage when he sees nothing... but the opportunities are there so i dont think they need to add any real designed plays for him, just let him know hes free to do it if he feels its safe ... nothing extravagant tho hes clearly our guy for the rest of this year and now that we have a playoff hope he needs to be healthy.

  2. i completely agree blue blood... ive always believed in setting up the return and with how JJ has been returning lately lets focus on that for the most part... but yea if we have them pinned deep and we would probably get the ball around midfield anyways, i see no harm in going for the block.

  3. yes renauld should take off now and then... we have really built a rep as being conservative... not gambling much on 3rd and short, running on 2nd down to protect the ball etc.. i think we can catch some teams off guard.

the one thing id love to see changed is having a qb hold for field goals... so if something gets messed up you have a guy that can throw the ball and make something happen... and also could be very valuable if you ever thought you could catch the other team with a fake. but its all situational.. i wouldnt want to see any of this trickery if it could cost us big, only early in games id think

Yes Bishop is a great runner, he ran a lot in Toronto in 2007, why they are not I do not know? I assume its because they say, leave the running to the rbs :roll: Thats basically what SD Chargers told Doug Flutie, dont run thats for LT :roll: ( BTW I only watch NFL when Flutie is playing QB) I will tune in if Bishop heads south also, but hopefully he will stay and guide Bombers to multiple Grey Cup wins over the next 4 or 5 years.

Yes Run Bishop. They finally took my advice to throw to the RB`s as aposed to just hand offs.

good.. leave the running to the RBs.. if anything happens to Bishop and we have to play Bramlet or Santos or DiMichele as our starter, there is absolutely no chance of getting into the playoffs.. roll him out like they have been and if he wants to take off he can, but I don't want to see him on any designed runs.. as for Bishop going south.. somehow I don't think we'll have to worry about that

It's all situational, and those things always work better when the opposition isn't expecting them. No point in trying to block punts if the opposition is defending against it, you take what they give you.

...you're right for the most part pigseye....you take what they give you....however....I know blocking a punt is a practised play...we used to be pretty good at it...Going over the games thus far in 09 ..i can';t recall us blocking one or getting that close....Setta is having a tough time right now....Don't know what it is ...but i sense a weakness there...If we can put pressure on him (yes when the opportunity presents itself) I say go full bore...Hurrying the kicker can make for some great field position if you get him 'rattled'... Just one part of this important game in any event.... :wink:

Best time to put everything on the line blocking a punt is when the team you you are up against is kicking 3rd and long. This way a penalty on our side does not end up giving the bad guys a first down.

......good point.....that brings up another factor....the refs..... They seem to be inconsistent in their penalty calls on the punter...You really don't know if they'll call a blatant or borderline ,'roughing the kicker' infraction...It depends on the interpretation of the particular ref i guess....I can recall games this year, when the flag should have been thrown, and it just went by the boards...Anyway it's time to pull out all the stops in the stretch...and let the chips fall where they may :wink: That's not to say play 'dumb' football....JUST MAKE EVERY PLAY COUNT.. :thup:

Huh ! The season is not over ?


one thing id like to see the bombers stop!

stop running and second and long... it only works and catches teams off guard if they are not expecting it!!! everyone knows on second and long when we are going to run cuz we do it 2-4 times every game! it has a very low % of working even for teams that hardly ever use it, if teams are expecting you to run its easy to limit the gain to less than ten yards!!!

throw and extra reciever out there, get some good matchups, and go get the first down

At least they are throwing in the centre screen play now and play action. The offense is still a major work in progress but at least they are starting to expand on it. Still 5 games (minimum) to go, so still time to throw in a few more twists.

i think that they recievers now are understanding the tweaked system more and bishop has become comfortable so they are slowly ssifting in more plays. a month ago we had trouble with the simplest of things... keep improving boys :rockin: