Id like to see Porter have his turn next week.

I have been a Glenn supporter and i still am but after seeing his game plan and throwing today id like to see Porter show what he can do against the Argos. Might clear up this stupid “we are not saying who our number 1 qb is”. Glenn did well today but left lots of points out there on the field. Talk about your level playing field. Also i would like to see Caulley go in as running back in place of Cobb to see how he runs against the argo defense.

No to Porter and I'd like to say yes to Caulley because I think he is better but we gotta stop changing things up and get a rythm going we are bouncing around receivers qb's etc. I say field the line up exactly the same unless someone is injured it won us this one lets put the dagger in and end the Argo's season on Friday. Changing things up constantly won't decide who is better go with what won last game.

I say Stay with Glen... If he can move the Team Bring in Porter ..
I do agree Terry needs to play

If Porter goes in, how he plays is completely irrelevant. When teams play back to back there are completely different game plans, strategies, etc. Playing Porter against TO won't do anything as far as who is better and who is #1 IMO. I think we stick with Glenn, solid in a loss, and solid against TO in what was the biggest game of the year thus far.

As for Porter, Did anyone see the big custom fitted knee brace he was wearing? Don't see too many people get one of those for a "bruise"

Thank you Ron Trentini. :wink:

Porter has had more then his shot to show what he can do. The team rolled out the red carpet for him at training camp and made him the starter.

Today sealed it for me though. Glenn should be the undisputed starter. I believe the coaches think so too, but they're still saying Porter is a little banged up even though he's dressing. They want Glenn to be accepted as the starter without having to say that he took the job away from QP.

Porter is a solid quarterback but the way Glenn stretches the defense is a difference maker. Porter hasn't developed the vertical game yet. I know, some will say that's why he has to play, to develop that game. My question is why MUST we play him? This "future" argument doesn't hold water. I've never seen any other team struggle with this. You play the guy that's getting the job done. Glenn is developed already and he's got a few years left in him yet. His play speaks for itself. The better quarterback started and finished today.

8) It isn't just a bruise that Porter has !!
  He has a stretched MCL, and no one but the doctors, and Porter himself know how bad it really is !!

Had a bit of trouble in the red zone, but otherwise Glen was moving the ball VERY well. Short passes, long passes, it all was rolling pretty good.

Just keep giving it to Glenn until he puts up a stinker. Ride him right into the playoffs. Porter has had some starts.. I dont get why people seem to think the ONLY way to develop a QB is to give them a bunch of starts. Calvillo turned out pretty good and he sat on the sidelines for a long time in hamilton

If Porter is healthy, and I don’t think he is, start him. Glen wasn’t that good today. 4 turnovers deep in Argo territory and all you get is 1 TD. Not good enough

2 Td's actually. And the argo's D is nothing to sneeze at, their secondaries pretty good.

Stop making sense Tip, this is the post-game post mortem time on :slight_smile:


I don't blame glen it was play Calling inside the redzone it was awfull

I agree about the play calling in the red zone. Can't just run it up the middle with a little back like Cobb. We have to move it in through the air with a few short passes. Our running game is not that strong, especially in close.

You don't blame GleNN?! I'm shocked Onknight!! I just can't believe it..

Let's be realistic people, if Porter had played the game that Glenn had tonight there would already be like 10 threads on how Glenn needs to start the next game. The fact of the matter is that Glenn struggled, and couldn't capitolize on multiple turnovers well withing Argo territory. Porter still has more wins that Glenn folks..That being said if Porter is hurt keep Glenn in. Even though I would like to see Porter play, if he isn't 100% I'm fine with Glenn being in.

Glenn did not play that well.

He didn't throw the deep ball very well and there were a couple quick 2 and outs.

We didn't really stretch the field that much. AB3 had a catch deep but that ball was slightly over thrown.

Glenn kept trying to force balls into double coverage. A few times he should have ran with the ball.

The play calling inside the red zone was atrocious. Every time we had a first down inside the 5 yard line, the first play was a run.

You have to start Glenn next week but if Porter is healthy (which I doubt) you might want to look at him again against Calagary or SSK.

To go to Onkights point, we can play with any team in the West. Montreal looks good though but the way Edmonton and Calgary played tonite, we are just as good as them.

If we can get our offense moving the ball better, we are going to be dangerous.

Yeah but Porter lost to the Argos,lol I seen a different thred about how Glenn sucked because He lost against Edmonton but Porter beat them,so I am just kidding with this one.

I don't think you can blame Glenn for not capitalizing on the turnovers. Once again the play calling was questionable. How many times are we going to run Cobb up the middle. We need to be a little more creative. Glenn can take some of the blame but certainly not all the blame.

I say stick with Glenn for now but have porter in position just incase Glenn isnt moving the ball to come off the bench

The Ticats are going to be a tough team even for Montreal. If Bellefeuille stops messing around with his lineup, they could upset Montreal in the PO. It's nice that he want's to be fair and a good guy but at some point a leader has to make decisions and live with them.

I says pardon?