I'd like to see Mcmanus back in Hamilton as....

a QB coach and potential QB if needed. I'm not saying 1st string (although we may be still playing if we hadn't run him out of town,lol). I think he still offers a lot in that he can coach and could play if he had to come in.

I'd love to see him as a QB coach for the TiCats. I think he knows the game, he knows the city, and he understands the pressures of playing IN HAMILTON. He'd be perfect!

Tax paying MEMBER of the Community ... and a FAN of the Tiger Cats.


He'd be great as a QB coach. I'm a big DMac fan, but I think his on-field contribuitons are over.

Thing is, Danny has indicated an interest in the front office side of things, rather than coaching.

Hmm Danny in Front Office great Idea..
Maybe Learning the GM Job as the Asst.
Gm to Marcel..

Let's trade Jason Maas for Henry Burris
and pay Danny Mac to be his mentor. :smiley:


Or Danny can be Henry's backup
and come in in the save the day
like Michael Bishop did last week.

That is, if we get a coach like Pinball
who has the courage to take the risk
of pulling out his First string QB
when he senses a ball game slipping away.

Just kidding. :slight_smile: