I'd hate to say this but....

For those of you who post about the Riders lack of POTW awards, there may be one coming this week.


Dressler 6 catches for 119 yards and 2 TD's.
Both pretty strong candidates.

I think we should get one finally.

Here's hoping as well! Add Bishop too..incredible TD passes to Dressler and Marshall!

Bishop for sure...and he had 4 td passes. Yes I know the 4th did not count but it was a td!!!

I hope Riders send the tape to CFL office to review that bone head call by the ref!! That could have changed the outcome, it almost did!

They also need to rethink the # of challenges. Why could they not just atleast make the rule that the ref in the box upstairs can make the call anytime he sees something?

You lose your time out when you are wrong. How bout after your time outs are lost, you could still challenge? There could be a 10 yard penalty for each challege that you lose?

I think you should not lose a challenge for being right. The official made the mistake not us. We got punished there because the officials made multiple bad calls. That's not right.

When Andre Proux is the ref. Each team should get 10 challenges.

Remember BC game when Lions were not thrown out? Proux.

Remember Hamilton game? ODay and Abou Meshrek thrown out. Proux.

Remember Edmonton Riders game? Fleming makes long field goal. Game winning for Eskimos. Proux makes awful holding call on Eskimos.

You are 100% right!!! Personally I do not want any limits on challenges, it`s just that the argument they make is if there is not a penalty of some sort when you are wrong, the game will last a extra 1/2 hour, no good for tv etc.

What happened today was outrages! something needs to be done about it, it almost changed the outcome of the game.

I think if you challenge correctly you get to keep challenging until you get one wrong or if you try to challenge an non challenge able play then you lose the option to challenge. whew that was challenging

there's only one award that counts and its handed out in november to the whole team.

You guys are starting to get annoying. That play was a very close one, which after the benefit of multiple slo-mo replays all of you are brave enough to have an opinion. Fact is, he bobbled the ball, and only at the last second did he have control. I think it was a catch, but getting all over the refs over it is stupid!!

And Proulx IS one of the better head refs in the CFL. Did you guys hate it when he upheld both of our challenges? Or did he su.ck then as well?

Just for the record I disagree. I do think it was a bad call, but I do believe that there are bad calls all the time. The refs are only human & are bound to make mistakes. All in all I think they are doing a fine job, I know for certain that I couldn't do any better.
One play should not determine the outcome of the game, it takes a full 60 minutes of effort to determine the winner. I'm glad our team didn't give up.

Proulx in my opinion is not one of the better refs, but that's just my opinion. OTOH I'm not saying he's a bad ref, just saying I don't think he's one of the better ones.

Just for the record, to disagree you should take the opposite position, not the same one.
As for Proulx, who do you prefer, Bud " has anyone seen my white cane" Steen, or maybe Jake" rules, we don't need any stinkin' rules" Ireland. Thank god Yule is finally gone. I grew up watching those guys consistently blow calls and Proulx is a breath of fresh air by comparison.
The officiating has been pretty good this year by the way--even the old, blind bastards....