I'd be PISSED OFF right now........

.......if I were a Cats fan and I hear that players intentionally threw off games so that some coaches wouldn't return. That's an insult to the fans, the coaches who work hard and the rest of their teammates. I'm actually disgusted after having read that. I'm not saying this as a fan of another team, but rather as a fan of the game itself.

I think if the GM knows anything, he should name names and cut them now. Black ball them. And the fans should tar and feather them and run them out of town.

Sadly, we hired another rookie who is trying to find his way.

Even if Mr. GM Desjardin could prove that
some players slacked off to get a coach fired,

it is a profoundly self-serving unprofessional thing
for a team's G.M. to say it to the media.

This accomplishs nothing positive

it casts aspersions on the work and character of players,
coaches and management who were here before his watch.

This kind of information should have remained in-house.

True or not it's non-productive.

Wasn't Paopao supposed to be some sort of 'players coach' that everyone loved ? Was it Marshall they dind't like cause he was bringing in all the Mac boys ?

It would be a bad move to come out and name names in public. No player will work for a guy who intentionally embarrasses employees no matter how wrong what they did was.

They will most likely be black-balled or be watched like hawks if they sign elsewhere. GM's talk....


Players worth having would be as against those players as anyone. Any player who would oppose the quilty being named is not worth having. Name the names, and to hell with anyone who doesnt like it.

If Marcel was asked to prove his allegations
that some players slacked off to get a coach fired

he would probably use ex-PM Jean Chretien's definition of proof

he used when he was asked what kind of proof
he would need of weapons of mass destruction

before he would decide to send Canadians
along on Bush's invasion of Iraq.

"I don't know, a proof is a proof.
What kind of a proof is a proof? :?

A proof is a proof and
when you have a good proof
it's because it's proven." :smiley:

Ken Peters said a lot of this stuff in the Spectator in July. So Marcel is only confirming what the fans already knew.

Is that the time Peters had to apologize to the players?

I think all you Desjardins criticizers need to toughen up. This team badly needs a wake up call.
All of what he has said has been said on this forum many times.
I'm glad someone on the management side finally said what was on his mind about the dismal play this season.
This team has been is disarray all season because of bad coaching, bad quarterbacking and sloppy play from some players. Game after game we have had to watch poor tackling and receivers who make no effort to get to the ball. I think the receivers just plain gave up on Maas and that was the result rather than it being a deliberate attempt to sabotage games. In the end its almost the same thing I suppose.
My only complaint about Marcel Desjardins is that he allows Maas to continue as the starting QB. But as I mentioned in another post...maybe they have decided that Maas and all of the QB's will be gone after this season, so who cares which one starts. I live in hope.

This will mean nothing to the "THROW THE BUMS OUT" crowd but,

if you were a CFL General Manager,
would you trade any decent players
for any of our Offensive players

now that their collective reputations
have been destroyed by their own G.M.?

Rookie Mr G.M. has undermined
his own bargaining power.

No thier are plenty of good football players around and thats Craig smiths job . He spent plenty of time in NFL camps and watched alot of tape . I dont want other teams malcontents . Now , if Simon came available and we didnt get him id be pissed .

But I think bringing in our own players is the way to go . Also if Taffe is coming here , he himself will see plenty of good players this fall .

Besides who would want DJ Flick as a starting WR ?

i know it may hard to believe but trust me players have egos. their own employment is gauged on how they preform. they dont play bad on purpose to make a coach look bad. they may not believe in the coaches philosophy and psychologically be affected but when game day rolls around you are crazy if you think a guy is for example not blocking overthrowing a ball, fumbling on purpose etc. so for him to say that is ridiculous. now they may not be as focused as they should be and that may be what he is referring too but this wouldnt have started to happen untill well into the season and would not eclipse their own personal goals of wanting to succeed.

Definitely true, nwo.

Marcel's comments were assinine as well as self-serving.

If the team is coasting, the GM has a duty to ream them out publically so the fans, who pay his salary and the players' salaries, know why the team has been so bad, and know that it is being fixed through eventual firings. I see nothing wrong with what Desjardins did. It's about time the fans were given some answers why this team has underachieved, and an assurance that the "passengers" will be cut ASAP. Now lots of fans actually have hope that the team may be better next year. For example, if Desjardins didn't say what he said, I personally wouldn't have even thought of buying a ticket pacakge for next year. The team has been THAT BAD this year.

Are you suggesting that there are players that are purposely not playing well? its ridiculous. your boy dejardins really likes the press it would seem. his job is to find players (which i think he is capable of doing)not motivate them and insult them. i wish he would call out the players he is talking about because as a player i would be completely pissed at the allegation. is it possibly that he is mistaken effort for lack of ability? either way this comment is way outta line.

All good points, SackAttack.
I admire Dejardins for calling a spade, a spade.
It didn't take a genius to see that there was something radically wrong with the team this year and Dejardins has spelled it out for fans, management and players alike. NO MORE BULLS---!
Slackers can prepare to leave town and those sticking around had better give the team good reason to keep them.