Iconic red Tim Hortons cups going Grey in Hamilton for GC 108

HAMILTON — Tim Hortons guests in Hamilton may do a double-double take when they receive their morning coffee this week – some of the iconic red Tims cups at participating restaurants are going grey to celebrate the 108th Grey Cup at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton on Dec. 12.

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Ever dreamed of holding the Grey Cup? Well, now you can. To celebrate the 108th Grey Cup at Tim Hortons Field, we’ll be serving your fave coffee in limited edition grey cups. Stop by your local Hamilton Tims and grab yours while supplies last.

This promotion should have been nation wide ......

Nah, their sales would drop to zero in Winterpeg.

One should only hold the Grey Cup if one has won the championship game, very much like the Stanley Cup. The HHoF allows fans to touch the Cup I refused because I haven't earned the right to do so. I too dreamed of winning the Stanley Cup playing through various levels of hockey stalled in Junior hockey. That dream is gone, I wouldn't participate in holding the Cup(s) without winning it

"Iconic" red paper coffee cups, right. Must everything be overstated and blown out of proportion these days?