Iconic Grey Cup Memories

The first Grey Cup I remember watching, as a 12 year old with my entire family in the living room, not missing a moment on our first tv (black and white, of course) was the 1954 match between Jackie Parker's Edmonton Eskimos and Sam Etcheverry's favoured Montreal Alouettes. The West hadn't won the Cup since 1948 - back then the East was dominant the way the West is now.

There were a number of great players - Parker played not only QB for the Esks but also, if I recall correctly, a full game on defence. Johnnie Bright, Normie Kwong, Rollie Miles, a young Bernie Faloney; for the Larks of course perhaps the CFL's greatest ever passer Sam Etcheverry, Red O'Quinn, Hal Patterson...

And the game featured a miraculous comeback for the win by the Eskimos. Elements of that game have stuck with me through the decades, and, although thanks to my dad's passing on his interest to me I was already a fan of Canadian Football, I have remained a diehard CFL fan ever since.


Great post Steve enjoyed hearing about your discovery of the CFL thru the dynasty years of the Edmonton Eskimos in the 50's .

The Edmonton Eskimos brought tons of enjoyment and pride for many fans .

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You have until Sunday to use the E*****s name and after that it is gone forever to the mists of Time and History

And rightly so. What's the new name?

Thanks, Grover

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Who is the E *****s ?

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Iconic Grey Cup memories:

The Catch.

1987 Edmonton vs Toronto at B.C.

Eddie Brown and the Hamilton Snow Bowl 1996.

Eddie Brown's catch is up there for sure!

Add in Tony Champion's catch in the 1989 Grey Cup.


There was a catch in the 1985 Grey Cup Hamilton vs B.C. at Montreal that everyone has forgotten. Hopefully someone remembers this or has video.

It was Steve Stapler long down the right sideline - an extraordinary grab of a Ken Hobart bomb.

A memorable play in a losing effort.

1964 GC, Lions vs Ti Cats. Lions first GC win. Bill Munsey scored 2 touchdowns. One on offence and one on defence. His defencitive one came off a Bernie Faloney fumble btw.

Justice and Decency won

my most memorable cup memory is cheering the Sask Riders during their first win in 66. That year is when I became a diehard CFL fanatic.

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