icon Tommy Joe Coffey suffers from CTE

[b]- Tommy Joe Coffey, once the greatest pass receiver and the most prolific scorer in CFL history, is now a hobbled senior battling memory loss and the ravages of time. “It’s probably my biggest fear,? Coffey says in his Texas drawl. “Loss of memory.?

Joan says he went for a battery of tests a couple of years ago and doctors told her the dementia was related to head injuries associated with football.
Coffey is among a host of former CFL players who, while giving so much to their sport, lost some of themselves. And in the wake of NFL and CFL lawsuits over concussions, Coffey’s story serves as another cautionary tale of the risks associated with collision sports.

“The NFL is going to do something about the guys with concussions,? Joan says. “My husband will probably be dead before they do anything with the CFL.?

Bad knees, a bad back and a belly that pushes over his belt make him waddle when he walks, and he has to stop to catch his breath. Coffey hasn’t worked in a few years. He drove a school bus in his last job, and stocked shelves at 5 a.m. in the one before that, work that today’s stars would likely never consider.

Coffey will be remembered for what he gave to the game and not for what he took from it.

He doesn’t want pity. “I’ve made my bed,? he says softly. “Have I been properly compensated in today’s world? No. Why? Because I’m too timid or too bashful or too dumb.?
But he has Joan, still at his side despite being diagnosed with breast cancer 12 years ago. “They give you five,? she says. “So I’m just lucky.?[/b]

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Tommy Joe Coffey. What a gamer! Just so sad to see all these legendary players suffering at this stage in their lives. The Winnipeg Free Press reports the great Kenny Ploen also tripping down that dark road to dementia.

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/Shadow-on-the-game-360631721.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 31721.html[/url]

Sorry Great Player and Man. One of the BEST> Sorry Guy!!!

OUCH!!!!!ONE of the very best. Prayers for you Kenny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Football and physics : Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to play football. Helmets can prevent the skull from bring cracked, but nothing can countermand the basic physics of momentum acting on the brain inside that skull. The constant jarring of tackles and blocks whether in the open field or along the offensive and defensive lines are cumulative and dangerous especially for the developing brains of young people. I am a strong proponent of sports for young people. But at high school, post secondary and community levels, there are better choices than football, a sport in which brain trauma is all too common even at the professional level.

Letter to editor, National Post. Nov 28/15

Tommy Joe has outlived many people such as Bobby Ackles… I’m not sure we should be overly alarmed by this.Seeing guys in their 20s with CTE like the NCAA soccer player that specialized in heading the ball is much much more trouble some