Icepick the Witches Thread, Playoff Edition

The Bomber secondary is an outstanding one.The game plan had to involve establishing the run and using play action. We tried to use similar plays as last week on a frozen field and blew it. Running vertical routes in those conditions was not going to get it done in lieu of a run game.

Funny how the 3rd string QB is always the most popular player... :roll:

Well, Chamblin could be hired as HC in Saskatchewan, thought mayeb not after this game.

There are some good young players on this team who I expect will keep getting better. Maybe Bellefeuille's job is safe, but if it is, will it be for much longer? Was that EDSF win good enough to keep him here?

We have a long time to consider these things in this off-season that has just begun.

As I said in the game thread, does anyone know where TJ Harris' Ti-Cat play book is? :lol:

Seriously though, it came down to who wanted it more. The answer, unfortunately for those who bleed black and gold, is the bummers.


true, although hard to argue when the first and second stringers mail in stink bombs.

after careful consideration I deleted this post.

What problem did you solve????

other than the fact that you have no clue?

No.. I meant it in the derogatory term

Do I detect a personal attack here? :o

What problem did you solve????
The problems are pretty obvious ...

The owner hasn't the first clue about running a football operation.

The GM is past his prime, and lacks any motivation.

The QB being groomed for the future is garbage.

The Head Coach is incompetent.

The Defense is suspect at best.

The question remains unanswered "Did I leave anything out ?"

Yea.. which problem did YOU solve??

OK …I will now admit that this team HAS improved despite an 8-10 season…for no other reason than we made the Eastern final.
But who cares?
Winnipeg is a better team than us on both sides of the ball. We were bad on both sides of the ball despite the same talent that played so well last week. Medlock was great as usual…yet there is talk they want to let him go.
So where does that leave us now the 2011 season is over?
My guess is that the team will keep Marcel in the name of stability and because they are keeping their fingers crossed that he will somehow become a better coach with one more season. But with two 9-9 seasons and an 8-10 season with arguably better players…where is the evidence of further potential potential?
Last week’s win against a beaten up Montreal team was wonderful. But Winnipeg has unmasked our serious deficiencies. Why, after 19 games, was our offence so confused? Our QB situation is very mediocre. And why was Chris Garrett able to run at will right through our defence all afternoon?
There are still lots of problems to be solved with our team before next season…but unfortunately, no matter what player changes are made, we will have to wait for several weeks into the 2012 season before we find out if the coaching staff has improved along with the players.
Without that ingredient, I fear we will have another mediocre .500 season while the other teams in the league continue to improve at all levels.
We are in danger of being a third or fourth place team for some time to come unless the coaching improves.

I honestly think one of the biggest losses we suffered was in the off season, when we lost Garrett Mcintyre to the NFL. All season long teams were able to run it down our throats, and we got absolutely no interior pressure. Obviously we have many problems, but I think this is one of our biggest over looked problems that needs to be addressed in the off season.

Which one is it??

we are bad on both sides of the ball... or the Bummers are a better team than us??.. you can't have it both ways

Once again IMO we beat ourselves, AND injuries decided this game.. Porter is NOT the next QB to lead this team, time to give Boltus a shot

As much as I was loathe to admit it, I think the weather played a huge factor in this game. Hamilton is a speed team, and with slippery conditions, it took it right away. Play this game in Hamilton and we win it, hands down. It demonstrates the importance of finishing first in the division...

That IS a big issue moving forward. If Glenn is to be usurped as the starter, then somebody had better be capable of outplaying him. Quinton Porter is who he is. Happy golfing.

Oski Wee Wee,


Defensively, the game plan seemed to try to create turnovers....they spent most of the game trying to tackle the ball, and not enough time tackling the almost worked though, 3 or 4 fumbles in the first half, but the TCs couldn't come up with the ball on any of them....

The much maligned DBs were probably our best unit today. The front 7 was manhandled and failed to contain. Questions have been asked before as to how the best players from the last year (Johnson, Knowlton, Baggs) were invicible this year.....Chamblin's defense must account for some of it, and that would leave me questioning why we didn't play to our strengths instead of to our weaknesses....

Offensively, the game plan seemed to be to run laterally, which is difficult on an icy field. Poor execution on so many plays could in part be due to poor footing which throws the timing off....

We have deep threats in Thigpen and Williams, but they are only threats if you throw it to's hard to see on tv, but even when they're covered sometimes you have to put the ball up and give them a chance to outplay the other team and make a play.....not one deep throw today...not one attempt...

Some elementary coaching mistakes....WHY would anyone punt the ball at the end of the half with NO time on the clock??
Why punt with 2 minutes left and down 2 scores?

Well now that I can think clearly after being upset about our lost heres what I think went wrong today and what we need to to do in the future

Today: I have come to the conclusion that the Bombers are just a better team then us, they have a dominate defense and we just couldn't block their front 7 today and our receivers were struggling to get open as well. On the defensive side of the ball, our d-line got blown off the ball for 60min and our defensive backs left guys WIDE open all day. Its just a fact that we are an inferior team. Id like to add losing Glenn really hurt us because even though we were not putting points on the board, Glenn was completing passes, which Porter struggled to do in relief (he only completed 3 passes on 11 attempts). I think losing Hage really hurt us for the season as well, he is a leader on this team and he is a all-star center, he could have helped the run game today. We needed to establish the run, and we couldn't, which was really the key to us losing today.

Future: Its really tough to say how we handle the coaching staff, in my opinion, Bellfeuille is done, this team is to talented to go 8-10 and look so unprepared in a semi final game. That being said I think he saved his job with the Montreal win. I like Chamblin and I like his defense, but we just didn't have talented defensive backs that make his defense run, I would love to see this lineup next year: CB Turenne, HB Collins, S Thomas, HB Webb, CB Hinds. I think that is a solid lineup that can execute Chamblin's defense. We have to re-sign Hickman and hope he doesn't venture off to the NFL, that would be a serious blow to this D if he were not to return next year, I think we need to keep Rose and Baggs and maybe try to work in Forbes next year as he shows some serious promise. I love our receivers, shouldn't need to change a thing (unless some guys get NFL ideas) except maybe Carter but that will be decided next year. I can't wait to see Terry Grant back in Black and Gold, I really think he is our RB of the future. I want to see Glenn return, but if not I really hope we don't go with Porter, he blew his chance today, he could of showed he was a starter but he blew it, if they both are gone I have no answer for the QB spot. We should keep Jones as OC I liked his offense this year when it was clicking. McManus should become the new GM as I expect Obie will retire.

That's enough for right now. If I can make one thing clear, DO NOT BLOW THIS TEAM UP.


I agree with most of what you said. (I admire your rationality after such a disaster today). :wink:

I'd like to add that if Andy Fantusz becomes a free agent, then Obie better hire a Brinks truck and make every effort etc....

These blue baby fools instead of making their ridiculous comments on some other team's forum, should be watching the west final closely.

Change the uniform colour from green to blue and that will be your fate next weekend. You may be flying high today, but come next sunday, you will be on the very wrong end of a long long evening.

I will be watching and enjoying.

The score currently in the west final, in the 3rd is BC 32 and soon to be you 6.

It's a lock.. BC absolutely SMOKES WinniPIG next week... BANK on it!!