Icepick the Witches Thread, Playoff Edition


Lack of execution and an inability to adjust the game plan to account for the field conditions...a recipe to be frozen out. It was the end of least until the summer rolls around.

It is the kind of ending that leaves a lot hanging...

Oski Wee Wee,


I'm all for this. But Russ, who specifically?

The last time you will see Kevin Glenn and perhaps Marcel B on the sidelines in black and gold. No heart and most importantly,
this ones for you Marcel " Total Lack of Intensity "

..low class move by LAPO in not taking knees with less than a minute to go. Sure we should have stopped them, but I don't think anyone but a bummer coach (even a blew team coach) would have done anything other than taking the knee. While we may have lost the game they, lost their dignity in my opinion.

Now let's fire everyone and start all over again. :roll:

Yea! The peanut gallery comes out of the woodwork...

Offence: boring :oops:

Defence: tired :frowning:

Not even sure what to suggest except that I really think Marcel has had his final bow.

It was incumbent on Bellefeuille et al to adjust the game plan to play in such frozen conditions. Cobourne was not a factor today and he had to be. A two-TE set and meaningful play action was necessary. Sticking to long-developing plays that worked inside a dome instead of exchanging some smashmouth with the Bombers was a disaster. We never got a rhythm and the Bombers D was never in any position to have to adjust. Automatic pilot...

Not surprised at all at the game. Offence equals future QB's on this team. Defence even though they only gave up 13 ( the last one was not a TD) they got burned too much on the run. DE's caught inside too many times.

But the biggest disappointment was the lack of preparedness by the offence. Poor play calling, Poor play.and of course outcoached!

I was hoping to not see THIS thread after this game. But Russ, that was a good start to it.

Congratulations Winnipeg. Your team was the better one today.

After a playoff loss, you see what went wrong, and it gives an idea what needs to be corrected. Last year, it was that we needed a better RB and a better kicker. This year, it looks like finding a way to stop the run is a priority. And what was with the offence? They made it look like they were playing a preseason game, not a playoff game.

Well, as I said, at least one Hamilton team will compete for a championship win at BC Place 2.0. I don't like their chances, but go McMaster.

This loss isn't on Glenn. It was our lack of an ability to run the ball in any way shape or form.

A line that can run block is necessary come playoff time and the fact they haven't had one has killed the Cats in the Playoffs two years in a row.

Some weeks in the CFL you can throw the ball like crazy, but come november there are gonna be days with bad field conditions such as these where you need to grind out a win. Winnipeg did that, we couldn't.

Well...the fat lady has sung. And for me the most disappointing part of this loss is it had to happen to the Bombers. Hell...anyone but the Bombers.

My hope for this off season....front line help...both offensively and defensively. And maybe lose Bo Smith for once and for all.

See you guys next year.

after we icepick them can we burn them? :lol:

I can't figure out WHY they gave WPG the TD on that last play of the game.... we lose 13-3 NOT 19-3 irrelevant in the grand scheme but still.. is it ok to give out phantom points???

Hope the Riders hurry up and "steal" Chamblin too, His Defense has sucked all year

Count this peanut as hoping this is the end of the MB experiment.

Quinton Porter has also, hopefully, taken his last snap from center as a TiCat.

Henry Burris may be a stop gap measure to carry Boltus through his maturing process.

Obie should just retire.

The defense needs much improvement on the line, and backfield.

A CFL caliber coaching staff is in great want.

Bob Young ought to sell the team to complete the overhaul required for this organization.

Did I leave anything out ?

Let's watch Arland make our coaches look more stupid than they already look. Is that possible? lol

Oh, and 88 guests and several registered users here. Wow. Not surprising, though. Lots of people have lots to say when this team gets knocked off.

Schultz just said it all when he said this team was just not prepared. And it's being said they could not handle those weather conditions, despite practicing in them. Once again, coaching should get criticized.

For defrosting the witches....

Honestly, I don't expect many changes next year. We have the talent to get it done, we just need the experience. Bellefeuille's job is safe, though I would expect to see changes in the assistant coaches ranks..

Just wondering who had who's playbook?

Offensive line was never the same after the injury to Hage. It totally killed any run game that Cobourne was developping.