IBM to acquire software company Red Hat for $34 billion

Wow. :o

(Reuters) - IBM Corp said on Sunday it had agreed to acquire U.S. software company Red Hat Inc for $34 billion, including debt, as it seeks to diversify its technology hardware and consulting business into higher-margin products and services.

Sounds like Mr. Young left Red Hat in 2005 so I am assuming this is nothing more than interesting business news. I hope Scott Mitchell didn’t advise him to get out back then.

I’m not a business guy, but isn’t Red Hat the same company that Ticat owner Bob Young started?

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I hope Bob held onto his RHT shares. He deserves a nice payday.

Here’s hoping caretaker has a bit extra cash these days and makes the NHL an offer they can’t refuse.

Bring back the Tigers!!

For those that complain about Bob Young, he has done nothing but lose $$$ owning the Ticats.
Losing money on the Ticats (The team Bob loves) just became a little more palitable it seems.
Maybe to celebrate he can walk out with a live tiger for our playoff game??

That is not correct. The team turned a profit in 2015 and I would think every year since then with the new revenue streams of the stadium. Perhaps overall since 2004 he has lost money but you could say that about any investment.

Bob’s at home ether depressed as hell or celebrating like crazy. >:( :slight_smile: Hope its celebrating.

No problem. He has enough cash now for an NHL team just from all the Manziel jerseys that were sold.

I don’t think many people complain ABOUT Bob Young. They complain TO Bob Young.

I also don’t think Bob has lost any money in the last several years, as Crash previously indicated.

The revenue from beer sales at our home games provides the team with a hefty payday alone.

there are a couple tools on this board that complain about Bob Young, but there are tools in every group…

the vast majority understand he is our Savior.

No one in their right mind would go after an NHL team for Hamilton IMHO as they are going to have to pay Toronto and Buffalo rights money. No one in their right mind.

Do you bow and kiss his feet when you see him?

People think it’s this huge impossible thing. It’s not. You present a big enough cheque too the NHL and buffalo and toronto, they’ll be a team here tomorrow.

If Bob has 34 extra Billion, he could get it done for a small fraction of that.

There’s enough millionaires in the GTHA, it would only take a group of a few of them to make it happen.

They’d make their money back in no time.

To be clear Bob didn't sell the company for 34 billion.

He left the company in 2005.

Spec article says he retained a small equity stake. Small stake of 34B could be a sizable chunk.

Hopefully Bob is as big a hockey fan. Form an ownership group with some other well heeled friends, make the NHL an offer they can’t refuse and you never know.

It is always fun spending other peoples money. 8)

Plus the last guy with a good chunk of money ...


He didn’t deal with Gary directly. Hurt his precious ego and would have seen the leauge get zero money, as well as the laughs and Sabres.

A 1B cheque might do it seeing as Seattle will be 600M

Ya BOB don't be so cheap write that billion dollar check to get a hockey team ..oh and also bust out that wallet for a new arena that's needed.

And forever pay off Buffalo and Toronto ..

Hey it is fun spending other peoples money

Lol settle down there pal. Just having a conversation. If I had a few billion dollars, I’d definitely call up some of my financially capable friends and try and deliver Hamilton its long deserved and well over due NHL team. I’d make my money back 10 fold and be a hero.

Good thing Bob has you too watch out for him though :wink: