Ian Wild...back in the fold

.....After his stint in Pittsburgh, Wild has decided to rejoin the BigBlue...Good move and he'll be welcomed back by the linebacking crew....Not our most urgent need but we can sure use his aggressive play and big hits...He was rumoured to be coming back for quite awhile now and after the Walters news and the beatdown in Mont., we can sure use some good news.. :thup:

Good on him for remembering who let him free to try the NFL and show honor in coming back to the Peg. Most guys would take an "I'll look at all offers" approach and hold out for the highest bidder.

Gee three guesses who that refers to(hint:starts with M ends with a :wink:) So with Wild back I hear the Jasper Simmons show and revue are now officially leaving town after a short stint on Broadway. Gotta wonder what his pea sized agent is going to tweet about now ? What he play for you guys, 2-3 games ? It's nice to see something go your way for once :thup: Congrats on getting Wild back,the guy is a definite baller :thup: Now if you could only fix that Offense.