Ian Troop fired

[url=http://www.thespec.com/news-story/4271257-ian-troop-fired-from-pan-am-games-organizing-committee/]http://www.thespec.com/news-story/42712 ... committee/[/url]

Pan Am Games boss Ian Troop has been fired over "leadership issues" and will be replaced by deputy health minister Saad Rafi, the Star has learned.

Hope this doesn't affect the opening of THF.

I can't help but wonder if he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar and this firing is an attempt to sweep it under the rug.

  • just read the full article, and I was sadly correct*

Now that Troop is gone the stadium should be done by January 2014 :wink:

What could he have possibly done to not only justify his salary but an $87,000 bonus? Get the freaking Liberals out of government!!!! More waste. Ehealth, Orng, canceled gas plants , exhorbitant salaries and bonuses at OPG, nutty salaries and bonuses for PanAm employees and now more taxes for "the big move". OMG......how much more can we take!

Been saying that for years!

this is more like a shuffle...Take the failing health exec, move him over there. Troop will resurface somewhere once the other party is back in... Same thing everywhere.

PLUS he would get - "$780,000 bonus if the games came in on budget and on time"

So glad he got caught.
Thief’s are pretty low on the society totem pole.
I hope he pays for this for a long time.

It's that sense of entitlement that some people get when they are in a position of power. :roll:

PLUS he would get - "$780,000 bonus if the games came in on budget and on time"[/quote)

Hopefully, with his firing, he'll not get that $780,000 bonus. This man has already received much more
than his worth.

He's not a thief so why would he pay for this for a long time? It was the Ontario government that offered him the job and he just took what was given to him. The expenses he claimed were disgusting but he was allowed to do it. Look at the salaries of the rest of them on the committee, almost as bad.
This government is trying to make themselves look good after the scandal with ORNGE, the Power Plant mess, the surtax, the not needed billion dollar contract for solar, the list goes on and on. So if you can fire an executive once in awhile and save a few hundred thousand it does give good press/publicity and they can say see what we did we fired one of these guys. Never mind the BILLIONS that have been wasted. They are still spending $28 BILLION a year but revenue is only $14 BILLION. Common sense would have said scrap the Pan Am Games altogether.

Depends what one's definition is of "common sense" though. Toronto was told if you want the Olympics, do something like the Pan Am Games first, show us you can build some facilities besides hockey rinks there, and organize an international games. Then we'll strongly consider your application for an Olympics.

The Pan Ams are a Toronto event really as it's a rehersal for what they really want, the Olympics. We are all going to pay for that decision here in Ontario. In the long run whether the Pan Ams and/or Olympics ends up adding to a positive way to our quality of life here, who knows. Some of the transportation projects will be interesting.

Some communities like Hamilton for example jumped on it for provincial funding for, in our case, a new stadium, Milton the velodrome. "Common sense", well depends I guess what your personal take is on this.

Now whether the Pan Ams were more a Liberal initiative or the PC's barking behind the scenes in their ears, who knows the truth there.

Yup things are just completely out of whack. If the Tories had a more moderate centrist leader along the lines of a Bill Davis or John Tory they would likely win in a cake walk over Wynne but because the policies Hudak has espoused so far have been Tea Party like right wing - which scares the bejeezus out of about 2/3 of Ontario voters I'm not sure much will change with another election. Many won't vote for the NDP for various reasons (many of which aren't valid but I won't bore you with all that I can write about on that). I tend to be a moderately progressive guy who usually (but not always) votes Liberal - but this bunch do deserve to be kicked out of office with how careless they have gotten with taxpayers money.

The really unfortunate thing is that we will likely end up finding out that Troop was handed a large a six figure severance as he was shown the door. That is something I'll never understand both in the public and private sectors. We always hear about CEO's or other senior executives being let go - sometimes after their decisions have resulted in millions in losses or poor company performance. The pay they received while doing in many cases a poor job - outrageously high - and yet when they are let go - basically being fired for poor performance - they are handed a golden parachute - sometimes in the million dollar range or more. It just makes no sense when the average worker who gets fired for poor performance gets nothing.

I went to the Raptors game last night and had to walk through a picket line to do so because a bunch of ACC and Real Sports workers are on strike against MLSE because MLSE - which is raking in the money and is handing out multi-million dollar bonuses left right and centre to various executives - are penny pinching and in some cases rolling back benefits and salaries of their front line workers. As one worker told me last night - 'thank goodness we have a union otherwise they would have just rolled over us paying us less and less while a few at the top would make more and more - and there would have been nothing we could do about it.' And hearing that is exactly why I still feel unions in spite of some of their boneheaded moves like supporting incompetent workers etc, - they do have a role to play helping front line workers - who should be able to share in the rewards of a successful company and be able to demand their share of such. Something that would be more difficult to do in the future if Hudak anti-union policies are introduced where wages would be in a race to the bottom for many with many workers being told to just shut-up and be thankful you have a job by people cashing their million dollar bonus cheques.

And MikeM - had the Pan Am games been scrapped it is almost certain we wouldn't be getting Tim Hortons Field and other communities throughout Southern Ontario would not be getting many of the other much needed infrastructure being built because of the 2015 deadline of these games forcing decisions to be made to build these things to have them ready by a fixed deadline. Many of these projects would have dragged on for years and in the end likely been much more expensive down the road.

I agree with this assessment. IMO Wynne had Troop fired to avoid the possibility of the Ontario government being further embarrassed by having to pay Troop the $780,000+ bonus. The expenses claimed by Troop is a bogus issue - the Games' board of directors and/or the chair of the organizing committee would have approved payment of expense claims submitted by Troop. If there's a problem concerning payment of unwarranted expenses, it's the board's/chairman's fault, not Troop's. One report states that Troop will receive about $428,000 in severance - probably what it takes to keep him quiet and avoid a wrongful dismissal claim.
There is a good chance the Pan Am Games will end up being a huge, dysfunctional, over-budget mess before it's all over - right at the door of the Ontario government and the political party currently in power.

It makes sense when you understand that appointments such as Troop's are subject to the whims and short-term political aspirations of the party currently in power. Fire somebody and make yourself look like you're doing something!
That's the reason generous severance clauses must be written into these types of employment contracts - otherwise astute, talented people would never leave stable employment and get involved in such a crap-shoot.

Just like most of the politicians, same can be said for these clowns who continuously feed off the public trough.
They are crooks and everyone of them should be fired, period.

Would it surprise anyone if Troop sues for unfair dismissal? After all, he can argue that the job wasn't finished so how could anyone say he failed? He's just a scapegoat who will still come back to bite the Liberals in the butt.

And the guy who is replacing him, is the highest paid civil servant in Ontario at something like $477,000/year so I wouldn't expect a lot of belt tightening under this new guy.

If only there was a credible, palatable alternative to Wynne.

An Argo-Cat fan

Hear hear...

And people think Mr. Hudak is some sort of electoral response,with his economic redistribution ideas based on corporatism...

Scary stuff...

Just a little side note there eh Welder

"Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power." -- Benito Mussolini

Kind of a little like the supreme being running our country right now eh?? Cough cough, nudge nudge :expressionless:

You bet!!!

Vote for Mr.Hudak provincially/vote Sweatervest Stevie federally....

Welcome to Authoritarian Capitalism under the guise of "Standing Up For Canada/Here For Canada along with the requisite corporate tax cut...

Enjoy the falling of our standard of living the corporate Conservatives aim to give us!...