Ian Troop Calls Meeting With Mayor

Someone on RTH asked about the city itself being the “legacy tenant” but again, I think that’s a stretch otherwise every city all over the place would be using that tactic to get prov/fed monies.

LOL, if they're the legacy tenant, who is the owner? :lol:

Troop was thinking of meeting Fred at York University. :smiley:

you may just have a solution !!!

I guess that could work, but council is only 15 people, plus the mayor, so you have to have some councillors playing on both offence and defence. If Fred plays quarterback, do you think he's just going to run the ball into his own end zone?

The Mayor was just on 900 CHML. The only thing that caught my ear was that the City of Hamilton, with all the highschool football events we have etc is the primary tenant of the stadium. Does he really think that is going to fly? WOW, Hamilton High School football is a high performance tenant. What a joke this guy is.

Highschool football is to high performace sports what Mayor Fred is to a competent politican.

Seriously? Eisenberger said that?

You know, I often hear about how Copps Coliseum is very oversized for its primary tenant, the Hamilton Bulldogs. And if you think a 17,000 seat arena is oversized for AHL hockey...

Quotes like that from him make me understand why Ockham directed that zinger at him.

The city will be the legacy tenant? haha...this is getting pretty funny. I love football....highschool,university and pro but highschool football and highschool soccer do not need a 15 000 seat stadium. What a waste of taxpayer's money that would be!! Build them a field with seating for a 1000 people. Save yourself a few million.

So mayor Fried actually said that highschool football can be considered a major tenant. I guess he figures the $45 license fee the city coffers will get from the hotdog seller out side this "highschool football stadium", as one of the major spin-offs of the stadium site he has been preaching about.

LOL. He can't possibly believe that.
He's not "that" dumb, is he?
In any case I expect him to be laughed out of the room...

OMG, unreal, what can I say? Yikes! :o

I'm actually starting to feel sorry for our Mayor even though he wants nothing to do with the TigerCats. As weird as that sounds.


Laforge could not be reached for comment last night, but in an interview Monday night with an Edmonton radio station he said the company was looking forward to council's vote. He noted the company has also expressed interest in finding "major tenants" for the stadium.
It also sees the stadium as a development potential because it would involve 20 acres of land.

"Our organization has expressed to Hamilton city council it would not only be interested in operating, we'd be interested in the potential of some land around there," said LaForge.

He stressed the interest in Hamilton has nothing to do with relocating the NHL's Oilers to Hamilton.

8) Yep, I heard him say that also. The show host, Scott Thompson, then made him look even more foolish by telling
 the Mayor that they won't bring in any major revenue from High School teams playing there !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->
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I remember playing high school football games at JW Little Memorial Stadium at Western in London. I think the spectators were asked for a donation if they wanted to watch the games. :smiley:

Let me see, me a “high performance” athlete? I made our high school hockey team only having played house league hockey and made starting lineup in grade nine football never having played the game and had no chance of playing at the university level. If I’m high performance grass is never green. :smiley:

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Who's that going to be? Do you believe everything anti-Bob that you hear?

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Captain Kirk should change his nick to Captain Edward J Smith... Going down with the good ship he is.

Katz is not going to pay 50 million for an expansion franchise, 60 million for a stadium upgrade to collect the gate receipts of an MLS team. He's not even willing to pay less than that to get his 400 million dollar rink.

I can't wait for Hostco to pull the plug on these backdoor dealing , envelope tucking idiots... Maybe the Bosnian will try to convince Troop by putting an envelope with 5k in it. :wink: