Ian Troop Calls Meeting With Mayor


[i]"The CEO of the 2015 Pan American Games will meet with Hamilton's mayor this week to discuss the city's decision to build a new stadium downtown.

Ian Troop says he wants to fully understand the city's proposal to build the facility in the West Harbour area of Hamilton".[/i]

This is good news. Last night the mayor said he wanted to call a meeting with all the stake holders (City, TiCats, HostCo, Feds and Prov). Today the CEO of HostCo says a one on one meeting will happen instead.

My interpretation of this is Ian Troop is going to inform Mayor Fred that no TiCats means no money.

If HostCo was cool with the idea of a TiCatless WH stadium there would be no need for a meeting.

That's your interpretation. Let's just wait for the outcome of the meeting first.

I agree with the first post .........
.........and the fact that Troop is doing a "fast-tracked" meeting says to me that he just wants out of this insane asylum as quickly as possible.

Bratina's new "partner" probably didn't help either :roll:

The city needs a high performance legacy for the stadium and I think that went out the door with the track and field move to Toronto.

It can't be as a national soccer stadium, BMO is that I understand.

So what's the high performance athlete legacy of a WH stadium with no track? The national field hockey stadium? Hmmm, that's a stretch I think.

Other than the TiCats the only other 'high performance sports' team would be a MLS expansion application. Didn't Hamilton do something silly like that twenty years ago? Build an arena hoping an NHL team would appear? Ian Troop will most likely laugh at Mayor Fred's interpreation of 'high performance' to include high school football like he stated last night.


Nice of you to point out that the arena was built 20 years ago. I don't remember Fred being Mayor at that time.

I don't think an application is going to cut it Ockham but AEG is well connected and if Fred phones AEG I'm sure they would get Garber to chime in with something like he did in Ottawa saying Hamilton would be a great market for an MLS team and is high on our list blah, blah, blah with no financial committement at all and no approval from MLSE should there be some territorial aspect to MLS teams.

:thup: :thup:

Yes, and as someone else pointed out, Bob respected the facilitation process much more than the city did. Ian Troop won't forget that I'm sure.

In fact the city basically made a mockery of sorts of the facilitation process, not good.

The Mayor said last night the facilitation process was just a comparison, (i.e. not something actually being considered).

I wonder if Ian Troop feels that way about the facilitation process. :?

[url=http://www.citytv.com/toronto/citynews/sports/article/90237--rumours-of-ti-cats-leaving-hamilton-swirl-after-stadium-vote]http://www.citytv.com/toronto/citynews/ ... adium-vote[/url]

Read the last sentence:

The city of Hamilton must convince the Pan-Am Host Corporation they have a plan for the future of the complex.

What possible plan could they have without a tenant? Even Copps Coliseum has the Bulldogs and a number of concerts each year. Does anyone think that the city would be able to hold concerts at WH without removing them from Copps? How would the residential neighbours of WH react to a "Pink Floyd" type concert experience (similar to the one that was held at Ivor Wynne in the Seventies)? How would this renew the downtown? Lots of questions, but I'm sure no answers from the city. Boy oh boy, would I ever love to be a "fly on the wall" at the meeting between Fred the dunce and Ian Troop.

The city may know they won't have much of a case and Fred could threaten to call out publicly for Troop's resignation. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the Mayor would resort to such tactics. Good on Bob to not be involved with that should something like that happen, would not be good.

That meeting could get very ugly and the fallout afterwards.

I think Ian Troop will spell it out for the mayor in large capital letters.

Either you field a professional franchised team or its lights out!

Maybe it'll be the quickest awarded MLS franchise team in history!

But I wonder what MLSE's thoughts on that are? I don't know.

As I understand it, Toronto won the Pan Am bid and a Hamilton stadium was a nice gesture on their part. Is there anything in writing prohibiting this stadium from going to another municipality?

I honestly don't know Ockham but often venues change when first announced as others have pointed out with the speed skating for the Olympics in Vancouver, forget the specifics but I think the rink went from one city out there to another.

do you really think an MLS team is coming to Hamilton...?
3 teams is all Canada going to have ..and if there would be a 4th it would be Ottawa..

Exactly. I'll bet there have been conversations between the TiCats, HostCo, and another municipality. Mayor Fred may have screwed the City like no other Hamilton politican and that's saying something.