Ian Smart

Released from the Lions. We originally released him a few years back. Bring him to camp, just in case Larry stays with the Jets?

Why? Jim will find some new talent at the position, he allways find returners.

First,Ian smart was never released by the Als. In 2006 we had: Robert Edwards and Avon Cobourne and Ian Smart-rookies- as running backs; Avon and Ian were also PR/KR. During mid season, the Als kept Avon on active roster and Ian on practice roster; the BC Lions signed Ian from the Als practice roster; the Als did not attempt to keep him. Avon was their choice,amongst the two, and their choice was the best move.

Second,we don't need Ian,even if Larry Taylor remains with the Jets. We have: Chad Owens,Andrew Hawkins, Brian Bratton and,I am sure, 1 or 2 more to come. We will forget Larry Taylor as we forgot Ezra Landry, Winston October,etc


I think Ian Smart is a talented back who can be a returner and at the same time backup Cobourne. Popp had been after him for awhile, but I don`t think Matthews was a fan. The problem is he will not accept a backup role. He went on Vanc. radio recently complaining about his lack of use, and Buono released him even after losing Martell Mallett to the NFL.
I see Smart ending up with the Argos.

We don’t need him. We’ve got Hawkins, Bratton, and possibly Owens to fill in returning kicks.

Richard Veilleux is bang on, Ian who ?

Well, I never forgot them.. Looks like neither have you :slight_smile: You forgot to mention Keith Stokes as well