Ian Smart, wow! smart choice to put him back in.

Ian Smart proved his position, he did so many nice runs, and some good yardage on those shovel passes. On kick Returns, some plays it looked like he had no where to go, but somehow he managed to get 20 yards, and most of the plays, he would run back HUGE yardage. Good Job Ian Smart, welcome back.

Yeah. I totally counted Smart out earlier and was wondering why Wally was bringing him back in. I guess another reason why Wally is the CFL's winningest coach and I'm not.

Wally must of saw extra jump at practice as Smart seemed to be exploding to the seams on his kick returns way better than he was earlier in the season. He could have an even great role in the Eastern Final depending on how bad Mallett's shoulder injury is.

what happened to mallet? he seemed fine? And yes, another reason why wally is the winningest coach in the cfl, I have never doubted him, nor never hated him, i love wally. people who think he is not a good coach are dumb, why do you think he is hte most WINNINGEST coach in the CFL?