I'am still pissed at Don for leaving Cahoon in.

Sorry i know it has been a few weeks, but the reason why we are losing is because we have no Cahoon. Don i hope you read this message board. What idiot leaves his star player in during a blowout? Answer: YOU. That is one of the worst coaching decisions i have ever saw a coach make. Your a joke.

You are the joke. Beside the QB, what starting player do you see benched during a blowout? Expect for the final rehgular season game, when it has no implications on the standings, all the regular starters have to play the whole game, except the QB if you want to give a few reps to your back-up.

And, anyways, lets say your team lead by 21 points, and you decide to take your starters off the field. You send a back-up QB, with back-up receivers and a back-up line. Then what happen? Nothing. If you want your back-up QB to gain goor experience, he has to work with quality elements. So you leave your best receivers and your starting o-line on the field.

You can't be overprotective just in case someone gets injured.

Beside, with the Als losing a 23 points lead (and the game) vs. Ottawa, no lead was big enough to leave key elements on the bench.

Simmer down buddy. Anderson is back, and Cahoon will soon be too.

T&T os right.
Did the Ottawa game teach you nuthing?
Beside offence is not our problem right now. Defence is