I wouldn't mind Barret as our O coordinator.

As long as he never becomes the Bombers head coach. He seems to be a very well liked guy by the players. Well enough liked so that he could possibly help bring some players in who otherwise would have gone elsewhere. Also he certainly has experience. Plus I'm for anyone that takes the job away from Paopao. If the Bombers hire this guy I'm going to be sick. He is a terrible coach. Why are the Bombers even considering him?

Your kidding me about Paopao. Mind you, knowing Taman's track record, nothing would surprise me. LOL

I think Barrett would be good for your offense especially since he played Quarterback. He might be what Kevin Glenn needs!

Yeah last I heard the three candidates were Kevin Strasser from the Als, Barret and Paopao.

Strasser would be alright too but it sounds like he is more interested in coaching college ball at the moment.

You Bomber fans should be lighting up the switchboard at the Bomber office for even considering Paopao.

i really hope barrett comes here, run a damn good spread offence. and hed be good for kevin. i hope poapoa goes somewhere far far away from the bombers

Anymore news on this yet?

Winnipeggers? Is there fire where there is smoke?

Berry said he will give a decision to sign barrett after the Coach Of The Year award

...BBfan12, did you photoshop the .45 out of johnson's hand in your sig pic?.....

Berry had a long talk with Danny and said things were looking positive....I don't think we'll hear anything until the middle of Feb. according to the media...Sounds like the majority of Bomber management and friends are enthused about Danny signing on....We'll have to wait a bit for his decision... :wink: :thup: