I would Like to thank corey

I would like to thank corey holmes. for all the time and effort he put in to this team and unfortunetly, the tiger-cats could not give him the time on the feild that he deserve your a class act. and best of luck to you just not agians't the tiger-cats

Hear, hear!

Best of luck Corey.

Good luck to Corey and Chris.


It will be nice to see Corey re-emerge from being an afterthought, but I digress...

Oski Wee Wee,

Here Here

Corey you’ve been a class act! As a church going gal I’d like to say that you exude your faith VERY well.

All the best for the future.

Goodbye and good luck Corey,you are all class and never anything negative,always positive. :rockin: :rockin:

I feel sorry for Tiger Cat fans, Corey Holmes and Charlie Taaffe all at the same time.

For some reason Corey just could not be effective here.

Last year, from the start of the season in the game against the Argo's he was the Corey of his resume, catching the ball out of the backfield making guys miss and getting yards - after the injury last year everything seemed to change.

This year, Charlie has tried to get him involved but he just was not productive. Look at his carries and his catches out of the backfield he was just not the same Corey of his resume.

Corey on special teams this year has not done much, in fact he has looked at bit like Craig Yeast dancing around with the ball looking for a hole instead of trying to make one. Now we don't have very good blocking schemes on our special teams, so I'm not putting the blame soley on Corey there.

I don't know what the issues were or are, however Corey is a talented player that should have been a focal part of our offense and he wasn't. I am sure if everytime he touched the ball he made things happen he would have touched the ball more.

I feel sorry for Corey for not being able to make a difference, I feel sorry for Ticat fans for not being able to see him succeed in a Ticat uniform and I feel sorry for Charlie Taaffe for having a talented player like Corey not able to get the job done on this team.

I'm very dissappointed by the comments Tillman made about never seing Corey so happy. I am dissappointed Corey could not get the job done in Hamilton.

Ya good luck Homles I hope you play well but when you come back I hope you play horrible, no offence I would just hate to see us loose because of something you do.


Corey put up with alot of Bullsh!t & didnt say one word to the public, sure he was thinking it & wanted to say it but he took the highroad & kept quite. He was a real team guy.

Best of Luck Corey, I dont think you'll get the starting Running Back Job out in saskatchewan Wes Cates has been absoutley amazing but you'll be used more in the Saskatchewan offence, you fit it perfectly. best of luck Corey.

All Hail, words spoken clean and true. May your production in Regina show though Cory.


Corey Holmes was a consummate professional during his time with the Ticats. If he had to be traded somewhere, it is nice to see him go back to Saskatchewan where he had his happiest CFL memories and his greatest success. Best of luck, Corey!

Your Mother is a very lucky lady to have a wonderful Son like you. You are everything a Mother would want in a Son. I am very happy I got the chance to meet you. Take care and I hope with all my heart you get the chance to go to the Grey Cup. Your year is just beginning. pat_cat