I would like to see Timmis and Thomas-Erlington as our RB's

We have 2 wins so far this season and both came with our NAT RB's as the featured backs
We have never been stronger with our Canadian RB's

What can be better than this


Thomas - Erlington

They both seem to be able to find seams where there doesn't appear to be one, unlike White.

I still can't get over how much that Timmis run reminds me of Lumsden.

Totally agree. The first 3 games of the season, our running game was so strong. It helped keep opposing defenders honest, it helped us control time of possession. and we looked very well rounded.

I don’t know if it’s because of the change at RB or something else, but we should at least try switching back to these two Canadians to see if it helps bring back that spark.

Absolutely! I have no idea why Jones got away from it. White doesn't impress me at all. I don't understand this coach.

Its as if the soft defenses of EDM and WPG made the offense look better than it actually was.

Play two good defenses and everything, rushing included, comes screeching to a halt.

Running back selection isnt the problem.

Not running the ball is a huge problem. Shades of Kent Austin. IMO John White is a problem. He has lost a step and dances instead of "hitting" the hole.

I have to totally agree with Grover.
Everyone within earshot of me have been echoing the same thing.
Just when I thought we had a decent running game these guys are basically on the sidelines filling the Gatorade coolers!

One play on Saturday was a perfect example of why Timmis should have been in there and White shouldn't have. With just over 7 minutes left in the 4th and 1st and goal at Ottawa's 10, Masoli handed off to White. With perfect blocking from the left side of our line, all White needed to do was bounce to his left, then cut quickly upfield off his left foot. But White took three clumsy stutter steps and since you can't hold your blocks forever, he was tackled for a two yard gain. Masoli missed Banks in the endzone on the next play, and we settled for 3.
White has a huge brace on his left knee, and that play showed that his left knee is gone. Historically, the Eskimos have been the best in the CFL at evaluating players, and they knew what they were doing when they cut John White in June. I feel sorry for him since he's not the player he once was, but we've got the guys on the team who can make the plays now.

Agreed. I don't see any big play capabilities in White. Lots of steps but not a lot of yards. Timmis proved he can sniff the end zone.

Good post Grover.

Not sure why they went away from this.

It's a tempting thought those two could change things but...

The success of those RBs coincided with the success everywhere else against soft defenses.

HAMS two wins are getting more and more dubious

I met an Ottawa D lineman this spring and when talking about the Ticats he said "they are the easiest team to play against. They never run the ball more than 10 times a game, so we play every play as a pass and have one LB key on the lone RB to keep them honest." Yup, it's not rocket science, winning teams typically run the ball 20 times or more.

I have heard this from other players as well.

However, as much as I love Timmis and Thomas-Erlington, I think the return of Alex Green should really give the team a boost this week.

But I agree with Schmenger...we have to run the ball way more frequently.

They never got blown out in their losses and made enough bonehead mistakes to cost them the games. All three of their losses were winnable games. The difference in the Edmonton and Winnipeg games is that the Cats actually executed and made the plays required to win. Those wins were not dubious since they beat two quality teams and demonstrates that the Cats have the ability to win. Unfortunately with the losses it shows that the Cats are both mismanaged and inconsistent as a whole unit with preventable blunders coming from all sides. It's up to the coaching staff to work out these kinks.

WPG and EDM have soft defenses esp EDM. We even got them injured. The two games are a suspicious sample size.

All Jones and Masoli proved is they can move the ball against that level but a quality defense doesn't just slow them down it paralyzes them.

There are huge problems with this offense. Who does or doesn't play RB is beside the point.

I would rank the WPG Defence pretty high, especially against the run with Bighill there

Totally agree, bring in the Canadian duo at RB's, we had a good thing going and they shoot themselves in the foot bad decisions!!

EDM is 8th and WPG is 4th vs the run. (Sask is 1, Calgary 2, Ottawa 3).

So basically our last 3 games have been against 1/3 teams in the league in rushing. May explain why White hasn't looked as good as the previous games.

Jones thinks White did well blocking last game. What game was he watching? No mention at all about Timmis in the pressers this week. Mistake El Grande.

When I watched the broadcast afterwards there was at least twice where Forde said

"blitz coming and white picked up the right guy....just too many people coming"

I didn't specifically watch white all game but I'm going to give JJ a bit of credit he's making the right move. We have other issues than starting RB.