I wonder why

rough calculation tells me that at least 200,000 people are interested enough in the cfl to go to at least one game. Probably closer to 300,000

Then there are who knows how many other fans enjoy CFL only on TV.

out of all those fans, only 14000 have signed up here

out of all those 14000, I would guess less that 50, maybe even less than 30, are notably regular posters here.

It would be nice to have more posters to interact with and more opinions to discuss.

Are you getting tired of us? :stuck_out_tongue:

naah, but sometimes when I am on the computer for a while, there is a long pause before anyone posts in the forums I mostly post is. Even during games.

I used to post on forums like espn and some non sport forums where you could barely keep up in the topics you were posting in.

See, that kind of thing annoys me. I like to see what's going on. If there are thousands upon thousands of posts being made everyday, it makes it difficult to keep up. I think the CFL forum has a nice balance.

to me, this forum a little too far on the quiet side. I would like to see every forum getting about 1 post a minute or mimic the ticat forum.

I'm siding with Chief on this one, for when too many people get too much of a good thing it is a guaranteed CF. Plus more bojacks means more work for Chief and the moderators too. :lol:

Too many cooks and all that ...I say be careful what you wish for FYB because it does not take many bad apples to mess it up like other popular phenomena like Wal-Mart, ESPN and many a the dumb show that pander to watered-down fans and lemmings of "spentatainment" callled SportsNation, the NBA, MTV (dated reference), the Sopranos, FaceBook, and so on ...

Like those Sopranos in the first three seasons for now let's keep it "Our Thing." :cowboy:

How did they not keep it "our thing" in the last three seasons? And what the hell is a bojack? :lol:

Metaphorically speaking on "our thing" as after the first three seasons it was just not as good a show when they watered down too much of the hard-core content about the crime ...

Bojack is a Midwestern term, used in Indiana at least if not a few other places, that means basically consistent idiot yet is not as strong as a douchebag. Then when you call some dude a bojack loser that's worse and like a douchebag. And worst of all with some discretion are those bojack douchebag losers who thankfully are kept off or booted from this forum. :lol: :thup:

Seriously though too many blogs have a lack of criteria or encouragements for commenters such that, in spite whatever spirit of civility that is sought to be maintained, they have less substance than your average American watered-down beer commercial or Wal-Mart shopper.

There is a great bunch of commenters here overall as it is even with the high degree of dissenting views as is the case with anything open to the public for the most part all the same. :thup:

I am not saying to go anywhere near the other extreme, I just think about 3 - 5 times as many postsposters as now would be better.

I was thinking about this a while ago. It's been a while since the forums here were being posted on quicker.

I strongly disagree with that. I thought each season got better. The argument between Tony and Carmela at the end of S4. The war in New York and Tony's cousin Tony B. (played by the great Steve Buscemi) in S5.

hmm...could this be an indication of one reason more people dont post here :slight_smile: