I wonder what DJ Flick...

... and Kamau Peterson were text messaging each other yesterday? :wink:

Peterson: "damn, the Eskies missed the playoffs!"

Flick: "I'll be joining you on the golf course after the western semi-finals."

Peterson: "lol!"

who cares!!

see dead horse....beat dead horse...


hopefully it is "do you knw the cheapest flight to Hamilton and do you think I can get my old number"

82 is available but I dunno about 88

PETERSON: Thank God they don't keep track of drops!

I bet Flick is saying

"I wonder if the fans on ticats.ca will EVER stop talking about my trade".

Oh wait, that's me.

How tall will I need to be to play for the next Ticat GM?

If i were them I would be thinking about the Calgary secondary and how I should try and play a good game on Sunday . I`m willing to bet that Flick will be all but invisible on Sunday and Sask. will NOT be moving on to the Western Final .

If you think that getting Flick back to Hamilton would make us a better team then I thank God your not gonna be named the GM !!!

Maybe I should be the next Canadiens Captain - I don't wanna speak French either.

Maybe Augie will soon be text messaging the two of them.

  • Edmonton Sun - Nov. 8th 2007

The Eskimos have verbally agreed to a new contract
with linebacker Agustin Barrenechea.

Signing on the dotted line is expected to be a formality.

I often wonder if Wayne Smith is in the text messaging club or not. You never really hear anything from him. I bet he's got some stories though.


Or maybe he's a classy individual.

how many catches and yards did DJ get against calgary......oh yeah..........over 100 yards.............not too shabby for someone you let go.........................oh, by the way, thanks for letting us have him for next to nothing................oh and for giving us back corey.............see you all in TO after we beat the cocky (prime for a loss) Lions.........

All I want to see is flicks face after being beating by the B.C Lions for the chance for the greycup game!Price less!

Beating the Lions is a little harder than beating the Stamps. Good luck.

If I was Flick I'd think that I died and then went to heaven. :lol:

Except when he wants to drive home to Slippery Rock on the weekend. :lol:

I bet hes thinking it never took me a hour to drive to the stadium before!LOL