I wonder if I dare ask a possible taboo question

what do you think about all the entertainers that do not want to perform for King Chalres.

No surprise to me that Elton does not want to as among other possible reasons, he was a really good friend of Diana and maybe not so fond of Charles,.

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It's an entertainers right to take or not take a job somewhere. I don't have any issue with them not entertaining the King. He has the money to hire someone else.

I think there is a history with Charles (e.g., cheating on the "People's Princess", divorce and Tampongate) that makes many people very uncomfortable with his ascension to replace the beloved and RESPECTED Queen Elizabeth ... this may be but the first issue his reign faces ... personally I had advocated for his stepping aside and allowing William to take on the role.

The Royal Tax Burdens are getting less and less popular these days. I think it's a case of 'Buyer's Remorse' that's settling in right now. King Charles is clearly no 'Princess Di' when it comes to overall charm and personality. He's quickly becoming the guest who eats you out of house and home and just won't leave.


Whatever ridiculous sum a 'Royal Entertainer' receives will directly or indirectly come out of U.K. taxpayer pockets. The Royals may argue that they're footing the bill but it's the taxpayer who gave them that loot to begin with.

Off with your head!