I just got a phonecall from ScotiaBank. I got two of the best tickets to see the Eastern Championship game in Toronto. That'll be one more stadium I go to this season!

I will get to see all of the Eastern playoffs LIVE ! Woohoo !!!

Now the Als MUST win this Sunday. It's a must. I don't want to get tickets for a Riders @ Argos game... I want to see the birds take on the boatmen.


Thanks ScotiaBank ! [/b]


Congrats !

whisper i hate you ! /end whisper

........far out man!.......you are the travelling CFL fan this year!.........jm02 will ship you a rider jersey right away!.....

best tickets, eh....what section is this?

Errr... In fact, I don't know. :?

But they said the pair was worth 300$. I didn't think there were 150$ tickets available at Roger Center, but heck, I guess I won't be anywhere near the roof.

They must mean "best tickets, given that its in the RC"... :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats! You're lucky!

u won the new SPECIAL tickets…your right on the field…good stuff

click my link ‘argos have sold almost 45 000 tickets’ to learn more about your on-field seating…its the last message i posted in that thread…

vancouver-based band, ‘theory of a deadman’ are to play at half time too.

congrats, third and ten…i dont know if anyone deserves this more than u…going to 3 games in 3 days, and all.

Thanks dude. I think all of us squatting on these boards all weeks long would deserve it.

This must be where I'll sit:


.....the only jersey I have available has the word "Gainer" on the back.....will that be a problem for you Third?

OMG !!!!!!!!! THAT A FRIST FOR THIS FORUM!!!!!!!!!

CONGRATS 3ND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


can I have that other ticket? j/k

don't worry, Montreal will be there.

Dang 3rd&10, your seats are gonna be totally butchin' (can't say the normal B-word). Question is: will yourseats be on the Argos' side or the Riders/Als side? Regardless, look to the right of where the Argos come out. When you see the guy with the drum, I'll be directly to the right of him wearing the circa-1993 brain bucket

EXCELLENT…THEORY of a DEADMAN , are the H.T. show.


I have to vote for MONTREAL now this week end!!! I did pick um , to win.

Have a great time, third. I'll be watching the game on my couch. :arrow:

Is travel to Toronto included in the prize or do you have to get there on your own?

Congrats Third!! Hope you enjoy your visit to Toronto for the game…too bad your team won’t (mwah hah hah hah hah) :twisted:

I’ll be there too! I sit right behind the CBC camera guy in the South endzone, 200 level. Gonna be a great game!

Yes it is.Even though we disagree on every thing.This is great news , that something like this happened to a main CFL.ca , poster.

We have been fighting allot , but this kind of thing transends arguing and is great news. :smiley:

Now , if MONTREAL beats SASK. and then beats TORONTO , I will not be so disappointed knowing that YOU were there to see it in these great field level seats. And if they don't make it , or lose to the ARGOS , it still is great to win this.And regardless , I hope you have a great time , any way.Those seats are really fun and I think that you also get some gifts [football stuff] at your table , as well :smiley:

.......(R&W wipes a tear from his eye and swallows hard against the lump in his throat).........

Congrats, 3and T, hope you enjoy the game. Look at it this way......if it does happen to be Sask instead of Montreal, you will have a stress free day to enjoy the game. The Streetfest starts sometime around noon outside the stadium........come early and enjoy. Hope to add myself to your online photo gallery.

there there mate

good luck to your team today, BTW! :wink: