I wish ...

I wish that CFL pre-season games were televised ... finally football is back but I can't see it for another 2 weeks! I'm itching to see it, and of course I'm thrilled that it's finally here again, but I don't know if I can last two weeks more :?

I tried to get my fix by watching the AFL today ... but it's just not the same ... plus it's the AFL :wink: (sorry to any AFL fans out there!)

Apart from that I really wish they'd kept the Touchdown Atlantic thing this year (and not just for the sake of letting me watch a football game on TV). I don't see how it would have been so hard to do Touchdown Atlantic, just with the Bombers instead of the Gades. I'm sure there's some monetary/time reason behind it, but I feel sorry for all the Halifax fans ... it just seems to me like a missed opportunity.

At least I can find highlights from these exhibition games on TV ... I remember it wasn't that long ago when I couldn't even find highlights from a regular-season Stamps game on the Score (and I watched it for an hour and a half straight). That was pathetic.

Go Stamps!

Please dont remind me of Touchdown Atlantic. :frowning:

But the Bombers are farther. A closer team would have been better. Argos or Cats.

I wouldn't have had a problem with Winnipeg, but it probably would have been too expensive.

I know what you mean! I'm so excited also! I've been watching alot of ESPN Classics Canada, where they've been playing games from 2004, leading up to kickoff weekend.

If you get that, try that. It's better than nothing!

I did the same thing with the same result.

Oh how I wish I had ESPN Classic ... it'd be my favourite channel. Sadly I don't :frowning: I'm starting to wish I'd taped some games from last season to watch again ... only two more weeks!

yeah, I like to see the preseason on TV, maybe they can show one week or all three.