i wish we lost

now keep in mind im half joking but with the win against the eskimos there really is nothing interesting going on in the cfl. For a minute we had the hype of ricky williams the alouettes going on a tear and the deterioration of the ticats. now were left with a bunch of team struggling to stay above 500. if it were up to me a team with a losing record would not be let in the playoffs. their opponent would be given a bye. its pretty vanilla. the only team exciting to watch right now is calgary. zzzzzzzzzzzz

No way! The Cats helped to stop the Eskimo post season streak. Nothing wrong with playing the role of spoiler...

Funny, I think that this season has shaped up to be one of the most interesting I can remember, I'm watching all of the games more so than ever. The bad part is our Cats of course but to see the parity in the league is interesting and to see the Eskies at the bottom is interesting as well as the Als struggling. I just don't share your view newworldorder but have to admit, I do like vanilla ice cream. 8)

your right earl one mans garbage is another mans gold.

this season isnt as exciting as last year...partly due to ottawa being gone, we seem stuck with the same matchups week after week ( rematch after rematch ).

altho i stil watch every game and am goin to more games than b4.

Yea drummer, I'll bet those Leafs-Senator games, what all 7 or 8 of them, will not be sold out this year and excitement will be at an all-time low. Why can the NHL do something and get praised but if the CFL does it, it gets bashed - even by excellent CFL fans like yourself? :?

"The Leafs play the Senators seven times between tonight and Oct. 26 -- three exhibition and four regular season -- including a home-and-home opening series."

earl are you being serious with that comeback. come on the nhl plays 80 or so games and sometimes four or five times a week. you need to keep things on perspective.

With so many teams and so many games, why are they having teams play each other so often, and sometimes you don't even see all the teams play in your rink?

think about it earl hockey is like baseball. you can play mini series throughout the year. even the playoffs are the best of seven. your argument holds no water.

All I'm saying is why get so upset that we play Toronto say so often or have back to backs? It works in the NHL. I love back to backs, look at the Edmonton game last Friday and the Gass incident the week before, if the time difference between these games were say 3-4 weeks, the impact would be lost. I also like playing Toronto more often than a western team.

What? It's a tight race this year. Also things like Montreal starting to tank, Edmonton most likely missing playoffs, Damon, Mike M, and Vaugh getting milestones. Sounds like a good season to me!